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We take care of everything right from our hair, our face, hands, and nails to our skin but often we ignore our feet. We often ignore our knees that carry our weight on them. However, we must take care of them as we do for the rest of our body.Regular exercise and nutrition are a must for our entire body and skin, feet and knees alike. So here are few ways you can take care of your feet and knees.

  • Exercise

Knees take up our weight, and the joint faces a lot of friction and pressure. Thus, regular exercise is necessary for them too. Regular warm up makes them flexible and strong for the day’s wear and tear. Every day we must exercise as per our body type and schedule.

  • Take calcium

Strong bones make strong joints and body structure. Hence, bone strength is of prime importance. Thus, calcium is essential for our bones. A regular dose of calcium is important, and it should have an adequate portion in our diet. There are various supplements available in themarket that you can include in your meal.

  • Warm bath

Warm bath soothes the bones and makes all the pain and pressure go away. Taking warm bath is good for the bone health as per many doctors. Apart from this, aroma bath can wake up your senses along with soothing your bones

  • Lose weight

Losing weight can be a great help to your knees and feet as it puts less pressure on them. So it is always advisable to lose weight. There is scale called body mass index. It measures whether your weight is in proportion to your height or not. Check your BMI and see if it's on the heavier side then you should try to lose weight

  • nutrition

Protein is essentialfor the body’s own repair system. Likewise,minerals and vitamins  are the building blocks of life.

Their adequate amount is necessary for the body to function and repair itself with time. Our bones and muscles take a lot of pressure, and hence, we need to repair them regularly.

Given all the things you need to do for your knees and feet, go ahead and fill your shopping cart and make the best of your body. Take care of your feet and knees before it’s too late. Click here to explore the online store.


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