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Almonds are nutrition-packed foods that help you lose weight. Including almonds in your diet can do wonders for your body. First things first, NO, dry fruits do not make you gain weight. This is a very wrong notion people harbour. In fact,dry fruits are nutrition packed, fulfilling food. They are monounsaturated fat which is a great substituted for carbs!

Almonds, being rich in oleic acid reduce the LDL cholesterol levels which are known to cause heart diseases and breast cancer in women. Almonds have a plethora of health benefits, one of them is that it helps you lose weight.

  • It satiates your hunger which makes your food intake especially that containingcarbohydrates less. This is a great way of toning down the unhealthy fat.
  • Almonds also take care of your vitamin intake like vitamin B & E, riboflavin, niacin and biotin and also minerals like magnesium, manganese and copper. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, which reduces therisk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Almonds contain protein in great quantity which makes us want carbs less, which in turn helps lose some of that unwanted fat we ingest in our food.
  • Almonds are known to be very filling, also, it contains fat (approximately 39%) but since a handful of almonds are enough to satiate your hunger then dietary supplements which contain complex carbohydrates which have about 18% of fat yet almonds are known to reduce weight more than the dietary supplements.

Ways to include almonds in your diet:

  • Move over unhealthy snacks!

Replace your daily snacks with a fistful of almonds. They not only curb your hunger but are extremely healthy because of their nutritional content. There are a variety of almonds to choose from. Roasted almonds, salted almonds, etc. make for great snacks.

  • Breakfast time? Almond time!

You can include almonds in the most important meal of the day. As they are energy packed they keep you alert all day long. Almonds  are also known to increase stamina and memory among several other benefits. Sliced almond pieces in your cornflakes or soaked almonds with milk, every morning is extremely helpful in avoiding gaining weight.

  • Indulge in almond products. Include almond butter or almond oil in your daily meal.

Studies say YES! Almond  helps.

Organisations like International Journal of Obesity and Harvard’s Nurses’ Association have studied the effect almonds have on our bodies and all studies conclude that almonds do in fact help lose weight as they are whole foods and add quantity to food sans the calories. Welcome almonds into your life and say goodbye to the unhealthy fat!

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