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Diabetes is one of the world’s deadliest diseases. Although, its consequences aren’t instant but it does gradually slow down the body’s growth level. Unfortunately, though there isnt a cure for the malady yet, so it does get depressing at times. But, it is important for us to remember that it can always be prevented in the first. There are just a few tips you need to follow and make some certain adjustments in your lifestyle and you are good to go.

What points should we remember?

Now, the primary thing we need to remember is that, if we lead a balanced and healthy life then we can stay away from severe health conditions. In fact, thanks to our sedentary lifestyle these days, diabetes has gained the status of one of top most killer diseases. This is unfortunate, since it can easily be prevented with just a few dietary  adjustments and lifestyle changes.

So in case you need a little more help, then we will help you with the symptoms of diabetes, to help you stay well informed. It’s to make sure that you and your loved ones stay away from the dangers of the killer disease. However, do remember that it does not cause instant death like certain dangerous health conditions. The only drastic change will be in your diet since your body’s immunity will face a major let down.


Well since precaution is always better than cure, we have decided to share a few early symptoms for diabetics that will help you in the long run. So, take a look:

  • Frequent urination and Excessive thirst: this happens because under this scenario, the body is in a constant need to eliminate the extra sugar. Now since there is a rise in the sugar levels, the need to pee also increases and therefore it is a continuous circle between thirst and urination.
  • Increased appetite: now usually the food that we eat is converted into glucose, so that the cells can utilise them by providing energy. However, if there is limited or no insulin, then is there is a direct impact on our hunger level.
  • Fatigue: tiredness is a common occurrence, since there is a reduction in our appetite. The drop in the insulin levels, results in reduced energy levels.
  • Blurred vision: one experiences hazy and unclear vision because there is a fluctuation in the bodily fluids. The pupils remain dilated and the lenses face difficulty in focusing because of the constant change in the shape.

  • Frequent infections:well this is one of major drawbacks for diabetics, since the immunity levels go down. Hence there is a higher chance of contracting infections since the body’s ability of producing antigens faces a major crisis.
  • Slow-healing wounds: as in the case of infections, both bacterial and viral. Since the body cannot function as smoothly as before, the performance of the body in healing itself also dips.
  • Vomiting and stomach pain: there is the production of a certain ‘ketones’, while the body ends up eliminating extra fat. However, this is directly linked to nausea and vomiting.

Well, all of this should make you think about the drastic consequences of diabetes and the alterations it brings in your life. Instead of all this hassle, wouldn’t it be just easier to make a few changes in your lifestyle and improve your diet and living conditions. So make a few switches and include healthier options in your schedule and you are good to go.

In case you are still confused, we have already given a list of symptoms for diabetics that you need to remember at all times. Since a lot of times, the problem also arises because of late diagnosis. Many a times we like to believe that we are alright, but the hectic lifestyles we lead do drive one off the edge. When we say we understand how difficult it is to lead to green and clean life, we mean it. So, take a break and get yourself checked for these symptoms.

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