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Cornflakes came into existence in the year 1894 and were developed by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg.  Cornflakes are made up of milled corn, malt and flavorings. Cornflakes can be substituted with other cereals and fruit loops. Cornflakes are low in fat and cholesterol while rich in vitamins and minerals. 1 cup of cornflakes contains carbohydrates, protein, calories, sugar, vitamins and iron in it.  Various health benefits of cornflakes are:


  • Proper Diet: Due to the presence of dietary fiber, proteins, vitamins, folate etc cornflakes provide a proper diet and are a healthy morning cereal option.
  • Rich in Thiamine: Thiamine is good for metabolism, energy production and functions of body.
  • Low saturated fat
  • Low cholesterol diet
  • High amount of iron: Iron is very essential for our body. It forms an important part of blood and blood keeps our body moving. To keep our brain healthy an iron rich diet is very essential.


Cornflakes as a rich diet

Cornflakes are not consumed alone in our breakfast. They are added with milk which adds as a start to our diet. Milk is rich in calcium and is very essential for our bones and teeth. When cornflakes are added with fresh fruits like bananas and strawberries, the nutritional value of cornflakes is enhanced. It adds the value of fruits in it. Frosted cornflakes are good for growing children while its beta cryptoxanthin contents are great for lungs.



Cornflakes and added fruits

Cornflakes can be added to various recipes too. These can me cornflakes chiwda, topping for puddings and other deserts, filling for various snacks etc. They can be replaced with bread crumbs to give the dish a healthier twist.


Though cornflakes have various advantages but it is not good for people who are trying to shed some kilos.

It has been proven that carbohydrates provide empty calories to body.

These are harmful for weight losers. Mostly along with cornflakes and milk people add sugar top it. Sugar is not only bad for weight losers but is not even great for health. Thus with an increase in sugar contents in body problems of diabetes, heart diseases, obesity also increase.


Alternatives of cornflakes

Instead of consuming cornflakes switch to oats or wheat flakes. Though in India wheat flakes are not so common but oats are the best alternatives.



Oats and musseli have become very popular due to their health benefits. Oats are now available in various flavors too in the market. So choose a healthier option for your breakfast.

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