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Here, you will find some of the food products that one should try to avoid when he or she suffers from arthritis.

1) Coffee

People who are suffering from arthritis should keep a check on their coffee intake. Coffee can cause the bloody acidity to rise, which can further lead to increased inflammation in the joints. Even decaffeinated drinks are not so good for the body. So, one can go for green tea as an alternative as it as less caffeine content.

2) Nightshade Family Fruits and Vegetables

Nightshade fruits and vegetables belong to the family of Solanaceae plant, they include, white potato, tomato, peppers and many more. These fruits can cause increased inflammation in the joints if an individual suffers from arthritis.

3) Sugar

According to a research by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition including high amounts of processed sugar in one’s diet can start the release of inflammatory-causing cytokines. Sugar rich products such as sodas, pastries, chocolates must be avoided at all costs.  Inflammation in arthritis will not allow an individual to perform his or her tasks well.

4) Excess of Omega 6 Fatty Acids

Food products rich in excess of Omega-6 fatty acids should be avoided as they can trigger the elements which can cause inflammation in the joints of an individual suffering from arthritis. Omega-6 fatty acids are found in oils made up of corn, sunflower, soy etc. Although omega-6 fatty acid is essential for the body growth, it should be taken in moderation. One can use olive oil as a replacement.

5) Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG)

MSG is used to enhance the flavor present in the food and can be commonly found in fast foods, soups and sauces. MSG can build up ways for increased inflammations in the joints of an individual suffering from arthritis. Reading the main ingredients and assuring that the product is MSG free will be to the advantage of the individual. A person can go for organic snacks and can avoid unhealthy fast foods.

6) Alcohol

There are many ill effects of drinking alcohol. If an individual takes excess amount of alcohol then the liver is not able to perform its functions well, this can cause inflammation in the body. This inflammation can be more critical if an individual suffers from arthritis.

These are a few dietary control measures that one must take if he or she wants stay well despite being an arthritis patient. For more health care related products kindly visit the Joy By Nature website.


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