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How do most people start a day? I suppose with a cup of tea and a few sandwiches and then off to work, here the day starts on a boring note, and this affects your performance greatly. Starting a day with regular plain old tea and milk isn’t going to work for anyone, but starting your day with an amazing fresh tang of lemon tea will surely do the trick. A few sips of lemon tea refreshes the person in mind and body, and you are able to work efficiently and stay healthy at the same time.

When to look at the main ingredient of lemon tea – Lemon, it itself has so many advantages and health benefits to it. It is used for the treatment of throat, indigestion, dental problems, fever and so many other benefits. Lemon helps to strengthen the person’s immune system, cleanse the stomach and is considered a great blood purifier too.

Benefits of Starting One’s Day with Lemon Tea:

  1. Hydration: An Important benefit as our body is constantly getting dehydrated when we don’t drink water, during our night sleep till morning and after a workout. We all remember having a chilled glass of lemonade to quench our thirst, well now it is here to hydrate us in the form of lemon tea. Lemon tea replaces fluids that are continually getting lost by our body. As being dehydrated causes rapid aging and decline of the body’s proper functions, the lemon tea we drink helps control and prevent it.
  1. Digestive Aid: Lemon helps the liver and the kidneys do their job of cleaning the body, it, in fact, produces the acids we need for a good digestion. Lemons are high in minerals and vitamins. These help in the removal of toxins in the digestive tract, and when lemons turn alkaline after being digested by the body, then they help to relieve the symptoms of indigestion. Hence,lemon tea keeps your stomach digestion healthy and working like a well-oiled
  1. Natural Diuretic: It helps the body in releasing toxins i.e. detoxification and keeps the bloating away.

  1. Clears Skin: The Vitamin C in lemon tea is marvelous for our skin. It is the key to the production of collagen, a protein that aids the production of new cells and blood vessels to give skin it firmness and strength. It rejuvenates the skin from within our body and gives us a glow that everyone will feel jealous of.
  1. Immune Builder: Drinking lemon tea regularly helps our body to fight diseases and illness. It stimulates brain and nerve functions and controls blood pressure. Lemons are anti- inflammatory hence people with asthma or other respiratory problems can benefit immensely from drinking lemon tea.
  1. Balances pH Levels: Lemons are alkaline in nature and help to bring the body back to a balanced state. When our body gets over acidic, we are vulnerable to diseases, but no disease can survive in an alkaline body. Lemon tea will help to remove the high acidity in our body and keep us healthy.
  1. Freshens Breath: Lemons can help clean bacteria in the mouth which in turn helps out with a healthy set of teeth and fresh breath for the rest of the day.
  1. Promotes healing: As we have already talked about the immune building ability of lemon tea, it would be natural for us to heal with a healthy body. The vitamin C in the lemons helps to heal the wounds quickly and also helps us recover from stress and anxiety.

  1. Lifts our mood: Lemon scented candles were and are widely being used for aromatherapy because the smell of lemons helps clear our mind and lift our spirits. So now by drinking lemon tea you can have all the therapy fitted inside a cup of flavorsome goodness.
  1. Aids in weight loss: Lemons help us keep our blood alkaline and people with healthy alkaline levels are said to lose weight much more easily that the ones who suffer from acidity. It helps our system to work well and eliminate the unwanted.

At Last, what to do:

With our above discussion, it clearly states the fact that lemons and lemon tea are great for our body. Anyone can get healthy and stay healthy with a cup of lemon tea regularly.

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