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In the past decade, fitness circles have made green tea the mascot for health and wellbeing. If you plan on losing weight, cutting calories to help treat a disease or just be a healthy individual, it is extremely likely that you get your daily fix of this super-beverage. If not, then you definitely should-read on to find out why!

  • What’s in it?

Green tea has a range of substances that make it so potent. Caffeine is the best known of these, and it helps enhance the fat burning process as well as physical performance. But excess caffeine can have negative consequences, and here, green tea really shines- it has only 24-40mg of caffeine as compared to the 100-200 in coffee per day. But the jewel in its crown is the range of powerful antioxidants (called catechins) in it, the most important being EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), which boosts metabolism.

  • The science behind the miracle

EGCG restrains the amount of the enzyme that breaks down the hormone neoepinephrine (the hormone sent to fat cells as a signal from the nervous system). Therefore, the amount of neoepinephrine released increases, a stronger signal is sent to fat cells, and more fat is broken down.

  • How much is too much

2-3 cups of green tea a day is ideal, as more than that might lead to you consuming too much caffeine. This amount also gives you 240 to 320 mgs of polyphenols (plant based molecules with antioxidant properties), which is just about enough. Overconsumption may also interfere with iron absorption.

  • Weight-Loss secrets

Studies have shown green tea to cause a 3-4% increase in fat-burning capacity. There are two kinds of fat in our body- Subcutaneous fat (found under the skin, and easier to lose) and visceral fat (deep fat surrounding your major organs, and difficult to lose). Visceral fat has been found to put you at an increased risk for several diseases, including cancer, diabetes,  dementia, depression, sexual dysfunction and so on. It is this fat that green tea targets, therefore even if you don’t see a large change in your appearance, know that green tea is working on keeping you safe from within, lowering your risk of these diseases.

Many people find it hard to switch to green tea from the sugary tea or coffee they are used to. Click here to get natural sweeteners to make the transition easy, while being healthy! New benefits of green tea are being found by the day, such is the power of this drink. So get a cup, and get started on your way to wellbeing!


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