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Day in and day out you’re hassled with mirages of health drinks and diets that promise to be the cure to everything. From miraculously helping you lose those extra pounds to putting an end to all those aches and pains. Well, Tulsi comes with all of this and more. This ancient herb with its well-known medicinal properties is considered sacred by us Indians. Ayurveda, which is one of the oldest holistic treatments in the world aims at providing a permanent cure by finding the root cause of a symptom than just providing a short-term relief from it. Therefore one of the most common setbacks that one might encounter while studying powerful herbs like Tulsi is observing their benefits, which can only be done over a prolonged period of time. Let me give you a quick review of the benefits of the Queen of Herbs that were recovered over numerous years of research.

  • Sharpen your memory, reduce stress and headaches

Tulsi tea acts as a nervine tonic and can help reduce stress and increase memory. Menstrual cramps can be very painful and irritating for women. The underlying cause for this is not just physical but also the mental stress that menstruation brings with it. Research has shown that smoking, also, often results from prolonged stress. So if you want to quit smoking or want a quick relief from the monthly cramps, you’ll want to consider Tulsi as it is known for its excellent properties of reducing stress. Replace your morning beverage with this healthy tonic and see what wonders it can work for you.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Haven’t you had your grandmom asking you to rub some Tulsi on to that swollen insect bite on your hand? Well, you should have listened to her, because she was just about right. Tulsi helps in diminishing pain and swelling of skin.

  • Acnes and pimples

Tulsi is the answer to all those skin problems you’ve had. It helps reduce acnes, pimples and even scars. Various kinds of Tulsi soaps and creams are available in market to serve just this purpose.

  • Indigestion, intestinal parasites, constipation and nausea

These common health problems can affect people of any ages and Tulsi tea is the perfect homemade remedy to this. The soothing effects of this herbal drink will calm your bowels and bring about a quick relief.

  • Sore throat and mouth ulcers

Gargling using Tulsi tea has been found effective in reducing throat as well as oral problems.

  • Respiratory diseases, fever and infections

Tulsi is a natural remedy for respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma, fever, cold and various other infections. It acts as a disinfectant providing us immunity from these rampant health problems.

  • Combat cancer

Consuming Tulsi tea daily has been proved effective for not just curing cancer but also preventing it by providing us immunity to cancers of lungs, skin and so on.

  • Diabetes and cholesterol

Tulsi has also been found effective in reducing levels of cholesterol and diabetes in your body. The anti-oxidant in Tulsi called Eugenol helps keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control.

  • Eye health

Daily consumption of Tulsi tea is often considered one of the best treatments for glaucoma, cataract and other vision defects.

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