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Many of us will be familiar with the indefinable feeling of just wanting to sit down and eat snacks enough to fill your tummy. While a few of us may do just that, there are a few others who stop themselves either because they are trying to shed some fat or because they think it's simply unhealthy. Well, what if we tell you that snacks are just as important as having your regular meals? That sometimes it is actually healthier to snack between meals? Don't believe us? Read on and decide for yourself. Following are a few facts to prove that snacks are actually as important as your meals.

  1. Snack away, but wisely

Including snacks wisely in between your meals is a much healthier diet than having just two or three large meals. Reduce the amount of food you consume during your main meals and include 2-3 snacks in between them and see the change! Not only does this keep away hunger between meals but it also helps in providing your body with nutrients throughout the day.

  1. Snacks are a source of protein and carbohydrates

Snacks contain protein and carbohydrates that are essential for us. Particularly in the case of children, due to their unstable appetites and reluctance to eat, snacks may be what we could use to actually provide them with the essential fats, vitamins, protein and carbohydrates, etc. Moreover, due to their increased activity, snacks may keep them satisfied between meals.

  1. Aids in weight control

If you are on a diet and trying to reduce weight, keeping snacks at hand may be a wise choice as it keeps hunger away and decreases the chances of reaching for an unhealthy snack or eating too much during meals.

  1. Sustains the blood sugar levels

Your blood sugar levels may fall a while after you have had your meals or exercising. Lower blood sugar leads to tiredness. Healthy snacking ensures that your blood sugar levels will be where they should be so that you feel more energetic and alert. It has been known to help people with Type 1 and 2 diabetes to keep the blood sugar levels normal.

  1. Higher appetite or lower – never mind

Healthy snacking will be good for you no matter your appetite. For people with a higher appetite, snacking between meals while lowering the amount of food intake during meals will ensure that they do not put on more weight as long the calorie intake remains the same. For people with a lesser appetite, snacks ensure that they get the sufficient amount of calories to remain healthy.

Healthy snacks include fruits, salads, healthy popcorn, healthy nachos, nuts , biscuits, healthy chocolates, oatmeal, etc.

So do you believe us now? Change your diet to include healthy snacks and see the change in you. Click here to see related products on Joy By Nature.


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