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 Ghee is a better supplement than oil. Using natural and organic ghee has various health benefits like ghee increases immunity; it energizes the body, and it contains various nutrients and antioxidants that are healthy for the body.Do you find oily foods tasty? If yes, you don’t know the harmful effects oil has on our body. Ghee is a better supplement than oil as it offers various health benefits that oil doesn’t. Our ancestors also used ghee instead of refined oil in foods, and that’s why, at such old ages, they are healthy and fit. Not only that, the butyric acids found in ghee are just amazing and has various health benefits to offer you. Let me tell you some health benefits that ghee offers that oil doesn’t offer.

Booster of immunity levels

Ghee  is a supporter of production of fighter cells that fights off chronic diseases in the body. This also produces antibodies that boost the immunity system and fight off major diseases like cancer. Butyric acid present in the ghee is useful for the good microorganisms in the guts and boost up the immunity systems by more than 65%.

Detoxifies the body

Toxins and fatty acids present in our body sticks to our body that generally causes problems in our body and attracts various blood related diseases. Ghee acts as a purifier as it is butyric in nature and as it is consumed, it takes away these toxins and fatty acids with it. So, it cleanses and purifies our body with these problems.

Immensely rich in antioxidants

Ghee is so immensely rich in Vitamin A and linolenic acids that it acts as an effective antioxidant in our bodies. You don’t need those capsules that promise to be rich in antioxidants if you have ghee in your reach.

Taste Enhancer

Ghee is used in almost every Indian delicacies and dishes. It is used in various dals, vegetables, and even in chapattis. The food becomes so appetizing after applying ghee to the dishes and the taste of the dishes is an experience that cannot be described in words as you will be left without words after eating foods filled up with ghee.

So, your appetite to eat ghee must have been increased with me telling you so much about ghee with various health benefits and how it is so much better than oil. Click here to check out various collections of ghee Joy By nature has for you for exciting range of prices.


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