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A child’s mind is an inquisitive work of art.  Anything that can grab its attention for some time can impact it in multiple ways than you can imagine. In this world of modern technology, kids grow up not by building blocks but by learning how to outrun a gorilla in “Temple Run”. This impacts a child’s Brain on a deeper level. Kids need an extra help these days coping up with multiple challenges they are thrown at. The stress level in school, the tuition classes after school, the Tablet games they are addicted to and the lack of social interaction are just some of them they are dealing with. This can affect their growing Mental Health and their inter-personal skills.

Being a working parent, it is hard to give time to my kids. What do I do?

Both the parents these days are working making it quite hard to find time for their kids. That is understandable, and that does not mean you are a bad parent. However, giving your child a Tablet or an iPhone at the mere age of 5 or 6 does not qualify you for the best parent award either. So where should you draw the line? Getting back home from work, make sure you have set aside an ample amount of time for your kids which can enhance their overall Wellbeing.

Here are some tips that shallaid you out:

  • Listening: This is the biggest factor in a child’s life. Once you back home spend some time just to listen to how your child’s day went and what are the activities that made his/her day special. This can improve your child’s Confidence
  • Play games that make them think: Hard to find these kinds of games? Go back to your childhood and think about what you played. Yes, that would suffice. Just a small game of building blocks or kitchen set can do wonders for your child’s IQ.

Plan B:This is to be used when you are totally tired and have no energy left in you to listen or play with your kids. So the plan B is nothing, but keeping them idle. Kids come up with their creative side when they are left idle and have nothing to do. Inventing something and having multiple ideas in their head come out can boost their Mental Health any day than engaging them in a much less useful “Temple Run” or “Candy Crush”.

In the process of improving your child’s mental health, you too automatically will get detached from the world of technology for some time. This can improve your Mental Wellbeing too.

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