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Meditation can help in increasing our brain power. In my view, probably we don’t require any other exercise if we meditate daily for at least 30 minutes.

Besides, lot of intelligent and highly talented people always say that meditation is the key to success and memory power. Taking deep breathes daily can provide relief to our problems as well and keep us fresh and mentally fit.

What more one can use

  • Some believe that Green Tea helps in improving memory power. So you can drink green tea at least 2 times a day to gain more memory power. Doctors say that green tea helps us in lowering psychological distress.
  • Laugh for at least half an hour a day to reduce stress because laughter decreases our mental tension. Get enough rest and sleep. Relaxing for a good amount of time results in retentionof memory. Don’t force your brain too hard as you have the possibility to lose all the stored data on your brain. Learn everything but at equal intervals.

  • Eat brain boosting foods because they can help in retaining all the memory whenever we want. Always assign some particular task to your brain because it can improve your brain power. Learn a new language.

Don’t think that the brain has limited memory. Albert Einstein’s brain was kept at a museum in USA. Scientists examined that brain and made a statement that Einstein had used only 30% of his brain. So think how much space your brain still has. Try to learn new things, improve your general knowledge. You can also try improving your vocabulary by learning at least 3 English words daily. You may follow new blogs for fulfilling your leisure time in an effective yet beneficial manner. Play some management games and fantasy games to develop your thinking. Don’t be lazy, instead you can read a book on your favourite subject.

Be optimistic and don’t think that all the things are predetermined. Always have an aim, strive to achieve that at a very young age. The many things you know, the more sharper your brain will become. You can play games like Sudoku and Tic Tac Toe which can help in improving your memory to some extent. If you hate Maths and Chemistry or any particular subject don’t try to neglect these because each and every subject has a tremendous scope to develop our life. Try to learn everything that is important to life and to your career.

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