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Long, lustrous hair is a sign of a healthy scalp and a healthy scalp is one of the most important ingredients for good hair. But getting and maintaining a clean and healthy scalp is complicated and not that easy. Perhaps, it depends upon you how you treat your scalp. The more you ignore those tiny flakes and particles on your hair, the greater they’ll increase in number. Looking for the best way to protect your hair should be the key step.

What’s an unhealthy scalp?

Misery is often close by when your scalp lacks good health. Good scalp leads to good hair and neither of them is complete without each other. An unhealthy scalp consists of pores, tiny flakes, dandruff etc. which are a natural threat to hair growth. An unhealthy scalp not only leads to bad hair texture like rough, dry and frizzy hair but also hair fall.And it hurts to see those pretty but lifeless strings fall.

Cure for an unhealthy scalp

  • Maintaining a healthy diet

The first and foremost step to a healthy scalp is a healthy diet. Eat proteins that have the most important nutrients like green vegetables and eggs.

  • Taking vitamins

Take your vitamins like carrots and spinach to help circulate oxygen to your hair.

  • Reducing sugar and its supplements

Sugar and its supplements should be brought down to a minimal amount since they can aggravate a case of dandruff.

  • Brushing your hair on a regular basis

One common mistake that we all make is to avoid detangling our hair to escape hair loss but this common mistake leads to a dirty scalp and eventually hair loss. So brush and detangle your hair regularly.

  • Washing your hair thrice a week

Hair when left dirty attract lots of unclean particles and hence shampooing your hair at least twice a week, whether long or short, is compulsory.

  • Conditioning your scalp

Just like shampoo, conditioner is an important ingredient to long and beautiful hair since it provides all the basic nutrients to the scalp. So condition your scalp thoroughly.

  • Massaging your scalp with essential oils

Oil is known to turn our hair greasy and sticky but it is all the food that our scalp needs. A good oil massage to your hair eliminates all flakes and dandruff and so oiling is must to get a healthy scalp.

  • Cleaning out dandruff

Clean out the dandruff by rubbing lemon and applying vinegar to your hair.

  • Protection against chemicals and sunburn

Coloring hair seems fancy and a lot of fun but it damages the scalp and so should be avoided.

When outside in the sun, drape your hair to escape the heat.

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