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Ghee  is a very commonly used product in Indian household. However a lot of times it’s impure and adulterated with Vanaspati oil, mineral oil or other impurities. Consumption of this kind of ghee will prove injurious to health. Hence it is very important to consume pure ghee. So here are few ways to detect the purity of the ghee you consume.

  1. To check the general purity

To check out the purity of ghee available in market one needs to take a small quantity of ghee in a test tube and melt it in warm water containing container. Then, slight concentration of nitric acid is added to test tube. Hence, the resultant would be either no colour change in case of pure ghee or, if the ghee has few traces of vanaspati, then its colour would change first to yellow and with more saturation the colour changes to orange. And, in few cases, one may even trace yellow colour if there are traces of wax in ghee as an alternate.

  1. To check the quantity of mineral oil in it.

You can even check the quantity of mineral oil in the ghee with the alteration of 2g of ghee into the altered content that was converted with an addition of a strong potassium hydroxide. After an interval of one hour the changed content needs to be moved into a beaker comprising of water. Now will come the point where you can detect the debasement of mineral oil that is available in the quantity of ghee with the presence of turbidity in water.

  1. To check with the help of hydrochloric acid

Now here is another experiment to test the purity of ghee with the help of hydrochloric acid along with the mixing of 2% Furfurol solution in an alcohol. You will need to take a test tube and dip into it at least 5 ml of ghee. You need to heat it now till it start melting. After sometime you will need to add similar concentration of HCL into the test tube. This is now followed with the addition of 5 droplets of furfurol. Now you need to shake it well for near about 5 minutes so that

the colour changes into pink if the ghee comprises of nickel particle. Whereas one is not going to find any sort of changes in case of pure ghee.

Please use the above mentioned tests because life is precious!Click here for more.


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