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Dates are a small oval shaped fruit the size of our pinky finger. This amazing fruit is harvested from the date palm and is a native of the Arabian Peninsula. It is a desert plant. This fruit when it ripens becomes a dark brownish gold color. Not only is its color gold, but also its health benefits strike gold too. This Arabian Special is a nutritionist’s gold mine. It has multiple health applications and can be consumed in many forms. It can be eaten dry, fresh, with chocolate or even in dishes or pickles.

Why You Should have Dates Regularly:

  • Say Bye To Allergies: It has been found out that dates contain organic sulfur which plays an active role in suppressing seasonal allergies and also allergies in general. It is not often that you find foods that contain organic sulfur. So have a date and say bye-bye to your allergies.
  • Strong Heart: Dates play an active role in reducing LDL or bad cholesterol which is a contributing factor to many heart diseases. It is also seen that dates have increased potassium levels necessary for a healthy heart while preventing strokes.

  • Sex Life: Yes, that's right dates can boost your sexual wellness also. It helps in maintaining sexual endurance and also has high levels of estradiol and flavonoid components that increase sperm count and motility, as well as promoting increased testes size and weight.
  • Nervous System Benefits: Components in dates have been observed to play an active role in keeping the brain functioning sharp as people tend to grow old. Its positive effects in helping aged people have been well documented.
  • Constipation Relief: Dates have been used for a long time in traditional medicine as a natural cure for constipation, but now it has been scientifically proven that dates contain compounds that act as a laxative and is also high in dietary fibers essential for smooth bowel movement.
  • Energy Boost: It is a rich source of readily usable sugars like glucose, sucrose, and fructose which can act as an energy boost when you feel tired or sluggish.

  • Bone And Muscle Health: Bone development and regeneration slow down as one grows older. This is the major reason why as people grow old, they start developing weaker bones. Dates contain manganese, copper. selenium, and magnesium; all essential minerals in bone formation. So dates can be a perfect remedy to promote bone and muscle health as one gets older.
  • Anemia: Dates is one of those superfoods  that contains a high level of iron thus helping anemic patients recoup their iron levels while preventing anemia in normal people by giving sufficient doses of iron.

There are plenty more health benefits associated with dates, but if that were to be written down, we would need an entire book itself. If you wish to check out some of our Dates, visit here


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