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Traveling is a passion for many people regardless of their age or gender. One of the main challenges while traveling is finding healthy food. On a road trip, you may be forced to eat from roadside food joints which are more likely to serve fast and junk food. On the other hand, if you are staying at a hotel it may or may not have a restaurant attached to it. There is no point in spending large amounts of money on unhealthy food that are more likely to be found at hotel restaurants. This is because most restaurants focus on the taste rather than the nutritious quality of the meal.

Nowadays many hotels and motels provide a kitchenette or pantry where you can cook your own meals. The idea is to carry food such items that will not go bad over the time that you are traveling. These may include olive oil for cooking, few loaves of wheat whole bread, some spices and condiments, pickles and chutneys, etc. If you need something more, you can easily visit the grocery local store which the hotel staff will be ready to refer to you. If you plan your meals ahead, then even a single trip to the grocery store will be sufficient for you to stock up for the entire trip.

Salads are a great option

One of the good options for healthy meals on a travel trip is salads. For these, you can buy the veggies from the grocery store and if you are carrying basic ingredients for cooking then you can whip up a salad in a jiffy. For the flavoring and seasoning of the salad, you may need to carry olive oil, salt and pepper, vinegar and some other spices that you prefer. Canned and pre-cooked beans can be added to the salads to improve their flavor and texture. Such a meal is a healthy one, and you will remain light and fresh throughout your trip.

Quick and healthy meals

Some Indian meals are quite quick and nutritious, like poha made with a lot of vegetables in it. Then again you can try a meal of dal and rice just like you are used to eating at home. Making gram flour pancakes with finely chopped vegetables also takes less time and is a wholesome meal in itself. All you have to do is exercise your innovative ideas and whip up some really interesting recipes.

Things to carry on a travel trip

Makes sure, to carry a sharp knife with you, when traveling along with some of the cooking ingredients mentioned above. Then again it is also a good idea to carry a Styrofoam water cooler which you can use to save the veggies and other stuff that can get spoilt. All you have to do is fill this container with crushed ice and store the food items in it which will keep them fresh for a long time. A small rice cooker or Crockpot is also a good idea as you can use it to cook some simple meals. Usually, the vessels needed for cooking are provided in the pantry in the hotel room, but depending on the extent of your stay you may want to carry a small pressure cooker.

As far as the cooking ingredients are concerned, opt for natural and organic ingredients which are easily available in online stores. To study one such store you can click here.


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