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Lemon tea anyone? Refreshing as it sounds, isn’t it? It is refreshing as well as beneficial for its medicinal values. Lemon is known for its use as a treatment to many ailments such as infections of the throat, kidney stones, obesity and indigestion. It is also useful in reducing weight in the body by burning extra calories. Did you know lemon helps in strengthening your immune system, cleans your stomach and blood too? Multitalented I must say! Tea on the other hand has many benefits too. It also helps in boosting your immune system. Tea contains fluoride and tannins which help in keeping plagues away protect your teeth and gums. It is also a rich supplier of antioxidants. Just imagine how much good would it do to our body if we combine lemon and tea. We did! And found out that lemon tea in the morning helps in hydration of the body after the long hours of sleep and also helps in making us healthy and beautiful from inside. Let us see how you can prepare a healthy lemon tea.

  • Herbal lemon tea

Lemon tea itself has so many benefits if it is an herbal lemon tea then it is a cherry on top. Yes, an herbal lemon tea treats cold and cough. A hot cup of herbal tea is all what you want when you have bad cough and sore throat. If you are suffering from nausea this is the answer. Keep a herbal lemon tea handy in your kitchen or at your place of work.

  • Ginger lemon tea

Yet another way in which you can prepare your healthy lemon tea is a ginger lemon tea. Ginger is medicinally very rich. It is known in treating heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. Ginger lemon tea is good for skin and hair. It cures indigestion within a shorter span of time. It helps in treating migraine as well. You can either prepare it adding boiling water or adding refrigerated water.

  • Tulsi lemon tea

Tulsi known from mythological times for its purity and properties which aids longevity of life still holds good. Tulsi tea is an amazing stress buster and when lemon is added to it, it brings in all the properties of lemon along with it, enriching its effects.

  • Green lemon tea

Green tea is a rich antioxidant. It detoxes the body. Diabetic patients are also recommended to have green tea as it regularises the production of insulin in the body. Lemon green tea on the other hand is refreshing, detoxing and stress busting.

So you see, you have so many benefits if you have a cup of lemon tea daily. It soothes your body as well as your mind. And now that you can try out so many variants of a healthy lemon tea, I think you are already ready with your cup, isn’t? Click here for more lemon tea.


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