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Got asked out on a date? Have a business lunch with your boss this weekend? Invited to a friend’s party tomorrow night? Oh crap! All the diet plans are about to go in vain now! What do you do? Well, let me be your fairy godmother and save you from this trauma of yours.

The first you need to know is the trick to eating healthy and eating well.

  • Eat as much plain food as you can. Stick to the basics, the best way to take in fewer calories.
  • Eat intelligently. Know what makes you go all flabby and what helps you gain strength and lose weight.
  • Swap carbs for veggies. Ask for salads or fruits as sides instead of fries with your meal.
  • Skip most of the sauces.
  • Always take grilled food over fried food dipping in oils.
  • If you don’t want to have the entire dreadfully-stomach-filling quantity all by yourself, share your meal with someone.
  • Bread should not exist in your vocabulary, or even in your menu for that matter. In your brain, breads should be like unicorns – you love them, but can’t have them.
  • Have a lot of liquids with your meals, like water or diet sodas or juices. Anything that is low on the calorie scale.
  • If in a party, try half-filling your tummy before leaving home. So, you don’t have to eat beyond your diet. Save yourself with “the so-full-right-now” technique without actually lying.
  • Dessert time! Your tongue might be dying to taste some pretty awesome stuff right now, but...oh yes when it comes to dieting there’s always a but. Keep your serving small or there’s never any harm in sharing.

Now that you know the tricks, where do you go to eat the right type of food? Solutions are here for everything you’re looking for, honey.

  • Mediterranean

The type of food we’re talking about here is basically Greek, Italian or Lebanese. The thing about this genre is that it has a heavy focus on proteins and has more natural options like herb salads, hummus, dolmas, fresh cheese, etc.

  • Vietnamese

Vietnamese has a great collection of soups, including Pho.

  • South American

South American food emphasises mainly on grilled meats and seafood. Examples are ceviche and steakhouse.

  • Indian

Indians never compromise with taste and health when it’s about food. So, the best options out of the big bad menu are grilled and tandoori meat or fish, rice and salad.

  • Chinese

Chinese is always the safe side to play with or eat, in this case. Steamed chicken, veggies and rice are what should be on our platter along with nutsof course.

Congratulations! You have discovered the secret and now you can go out as many times as you want and still maintain that diet. Do check out, Joy by Nature to stay healthy the organic way.


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