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Have you ever wondered what makes certain restaurant dishes so special? Even when you’ve followed the recipe to the t, it doesn’t seem to taste spot on. There is a very simple, healthy and clever way to fix this. Organic cooking oils are a fool proof and healthy method to fix your dish.

General Tip to Use Oils Successfully

Different cooking oils have different ways of reacting with different ingredients. One of the common mistakes most people make is to assume that heating any oil the same way is acceptable. When oil is heated too much, the glycerol breaks down to give acrolein, which makes the oil taste bitter and spoils the taste of the dish.  You need to make sure that oil is handled carefully to retain its characteristic taste.

Different oils for different dishes

  • When organic oils are used for baking, the most recommended (apart from butter) are flaxseed oil, walnut oil and olive oil.

  • Healthy oils such as coconut oil, canola oil and extra virgin olive oil can be used for medium heat cooking and frying.
  • Peanut oil, avocado oil and ghee are the best suited oils for deep frying. Sunflower oil and mustard oil to get the job done. Since deep frying is not considered healthy, you can substitute the oils with their organic counterparts.
  • Oils such as peanut oil, garlic oil and coconut oil give their own flavour to the dish. Hence it is recommended to use these oils if the raw ingredients are already present in the dish. This will enhance their flavour and compliment the dish as a whole.

  • Olive oil is an all-time favourite for Italian dishes and fresh salads. It brings out the taste of olives in the dish and gives it a healthy twist. This is one of the most commonly used organic healthy oil.

Although these oils bring a flavoursome twist to the dishes you need to keep in mind the health constraints of the person being served. In case they are allergic to peanuts, using peanut oil will definitely trigger the allergy.

These organic cooking oils are a boon to the kitchen. A simple change in cooking habits can take the dish a long way. Click here to find out what JoyByNature has in store for you!


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