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Though we know that at some point of time arthritis is definitely going to make our lives hell it is also recommendable that care is better than cure. Doctors have said that arthritis sets in even before we know the spelling of arthritis! Especially if it is osteoarthritis! Osteoarthritis happens when the cartilages in the knee and other joints are wearing away. Since cartilages have no nerve endings, one does not feel any pain until it has reached a very advanced stage

Some of the symptoms of arthritis of young age are crunching sound in the knee when you push you leg in front of your body, stiffness in the body in the morning which cures quickly and also  ache deep inside which can be avoided.

Even when the radars do not detect any kinds of arthritis , it is important that we take safety measures before hand -

Here below are some protective measures which should be taken before arthritis effects our lives:

  1. Maintaining the perfect body weight- we should all work towards maintaining the perfect body balances. We should move towards losing weight, if that’s not possible at least maintaining it. Excess weight puts a lot of pressure on the joints. The burden on joints causes destructive metabolism. A hormone of obesity upsets the balance of build up and breakdown of the cartilages. This ends up to breaking down faster than building up which is very bad and leads to arthritis.

  1. Exercise is the key to beating down most illness- the more active your body is the better it is. Exercise like swimming and low impact biking are very beneficial. Pilates and yoga are also recommended. Walking and weightlifting can also be included. However, do not stress or exert too much pressure in the body.  Wear comfortable shoes and walk on flat surfaces.
  2. Keep a watch on the bio mechanics- exercise and body related activities are good but you must do them under supervision. The back is most important part of the body and faces the maximum strain. Use of mechanism in the proper way puts less pressure on the joints and keeps you joint health better for a longer period.

  1. Do not neglect injuries- often while walking we sprain our ankles and we avoid it. Avoiding such pain over and over again weakens the joints leading to arthritis catching over. Arthritis attacks the weaker joints and thus spreads. Therefore take care of your injuries before it’s too late.
  2. Proper food and supplements- Food is one important component which should be taken care of. Enough calcium and protein and other nutrients are required by the body and the need should be fulfilled to stay healthy and be away from arthritis.

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