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Depression is a mental illness which degrades the quality of your life. It can even lead to death. Thus, proper treatment is essential for such disorders. Food is an essential factor, which governs your health and moods. Thus, healthy food must be eaten, which helps to fight the depression.

What to eat

The food you eat, controls your mood. Nutrition directly impacts your brain performance, as well as functioning of each organ of your body. Thus, it is very important to have nutritious food and antidepressants in your diet.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are important for your behaviour. Lack of these acids causes often mood swings and depression. Thus, items such as nut oils and high supplements must be included in the diet.

  • Vitamin D

The deficiency of Vitamin D leads to mood disorders. The Vitamin D rich foods such as cereals, milk, juices and high quality supplements must be included in the diet.

  • Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate increases the endorphins in the brain, which promotes the sense of well-being. It helps to enhance your mood.

  • B12 and folate

These nutrients prevent mood disorders and dementias. The rich food sources are almonds, spinach, beetroot and fish.

  • Proteins

Plenty of quality protein must be included in the diet. Amino acids are vital for the proper working of neurotransmitters. Protein rich foods are milk, vegetables, pulses and supplements.

  • Selenium

It is an important nutrient which helps to reduce the depression. Its major sources are nuts, walnuts and poultry. It helps to have a sound sleep.

What not to eat

  • Alcohol

Occasional intake of alcohol is alright. Its excessive intake makes you prone to anxiety and depression. It depletes the amount of serotonin in your body, which results in often panic attacks.

  • Caffeine

The high amount of caffeine increases the risk of anxiety and depression. Poor sleep is one of the major drawback of the high intake of caffeine.

  • Refined sugar foods

Eating high refined sugars provide a high energy momentum. But, this raises the sugar level in your blood resulting into a burning feeling.

Other activities you can do

Having a healthy food is very necessary to fight the devil of depression. There is still more you can do. You must develop a habit of exercising daily. This increases your metabolism and reduces your tension. This helps to make up your mood. Consult your doctor for further medication.

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