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In the digestive system of human body, Liver is the king, according to which we need to balance our diet. As per se nature, thehuman body has the ability to get naturally clean on the daily basis, only if the food supplies needful for the process. Detoxification of harmful or waste substances from our body is a natural and necessary routine, which further induces the proper functioning of our digestive system. But if your liver is not getting enough to work the whole process properly, it might cause irregularities in detoxifying waste substances out of your body.

As it said by many Health practitioners, that an unhealthy liver doesn’t have the needed nutrients to “take out the trash”, therefore, a natural liver detox is safer and effective than the supplement detox diet. Instead of taking health powder and supplement food, one should harp on going for the whole foods, that gives usexcellent body nutrition with a broad spectrum of nutrients. Here are some signs which will notify you that your liver needs help:

  • Skin problems like acnes:

The oxidative stress has a lot to do with our eating and digesting habits. Oxidative stress is the stress caused because of an imbalance between the free radicals and the ability for the body to detoxify the harmful effects through neutralization of antioxidants. As our skin is the other primary detoxification organ, after the liver, therefore, if the liver can’t handle toxins by itself, it finds another way to get out of our body. These toxins come out of our body through the skin. Acne is a frequent symptom of indigestion which shows that your liver might need help.

  • Constipation and bloating could be the major sign:

Due to the improper intake of meals and regular diet, liver which plays an imperative role in digestion slows the process and functioning of digestive muscles, which in turn, cause constipation and bloating of gastrointestinal tissues in human body. A balanced diet is the core need of proper functioning of the liver, which includes all essential nutrients in the body.

  • Headaches and Migraines:

Headaches, including migraines, are also one of the common problems which signify indigestion and liver problems. Liver problems can be seen by some of these symptoms, which are, mood changes such as anger and irritability, poor concentration and 'foggy brain,' also sometimes recurrent headaches includingmigraine-associated nausea. An oxidative stress is reckoned as aprime reason for initiating headaches of migraines; therefore, detoxification is the necessary process to resolve the problems related to indigestion.

  • Irregularities and fluctuations in blood sugar levels:

The imbalance in digestive system due to theimproper diet could also lead to the frequent changes in blood sugar levels. Symptoms of significantchanges are, craving for sugar, Hypoglycemia, and unstapled blood sugar levels. Also, the mature onset of Type 2 diabetes could be the major sign of liver dysfunction.

  • Some external signs:

While some of the external signs of liver malfunctioning are bad breath, offensive body odor, sensitive eyes (red swollen), dark circles under the eyes, yellowness in the cornea of the eye, dark brownish spots on theskin, excessive sweating, etc.,deficiency of Vitamin B, which is the most needed Vitamin for aliver for the detoxification of toxins from the body, could result in malaise, depression and fatigues.

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