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Before you move down to the druggist stores to get some laxatives, try out our simple home remedies which will allow you to poop easily without any nightmares.


  • Olive oil- filled with benefits, this oil, is also recommended for people suffering from constipation. It has a great contribution in allowing free movement of food down the system.

On an empty stomach take a spoon of olive oil regularly for easy removal of undigested matter to cure constipation.

  • Lemon water- lemon water early in the morning is not only for melting those tummy fats you have built. Lemon in warm water in the morning also helps in the movement of toxins out of the body.
  • Blackstrap molasses- to cure constipation, molasses has been an excellent For those suffering from chronic to occasional constipation, molasses has been of great benefit. This is due to the magnesium it contains. Start with blackstrap molasses little by little. Later on, your need you might increase the dosage. If you do not like the taste, then dilute it with water.

  • Coffee in limited amounts can cure constipation. We have heard often “I cannot start on my legs as I drink my morning coffee”, this is due to the natural stimulant which has a significant effect on the digestion and removal of unwanted stuff. However, excess might be harmful. Excess caffeine is diuretic. It might dehydrate the body by excess urine and also taking away the water from stool making it hard and difficult to move.
  • Be on a move- sitting stuck up in a single place leads to a difficult bowel movement. In order to provoke bowl movement and cure constipation you need to be active. However, exactly after heavy meals do not do strenuous exercise or too much of movement.

  • Go the natural way- include fruits, vegetables and roughage in your diet. All these natural food items have fibre. Fibre is a great way to cure constipation. Fibres are like sponges. They themselves are not digested and along with its movement it also boosts other toxins to move out of the body. Some fibre containing food which you must include are beans, nuts, cucumber, wheat bread, broccoli, apples, pears and plums.

Natural organic diet clears the body of the unwanted stuff. Regular pooping keeps you healthy and allows you to enjoy life. For a full view of natural products which cure constipation click here.


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