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Due to repetitive stress, pollution and sedentary or over-active lifestyle, there can be chances, that you start losing hair at an alarming rate. There are some natural hairfall treatment products like coconut oil, the Indian gooseberry and almond paste that help you to regain lost hair. These products also keep your scalp clean and disinfected.

What are the natural hairfall control products that you can use?

  • To control hairfall and to haveluscious and bouncy hair, you must apply coconut oil or grated coconut on your scalp. This nourishes the hair roots and strands and gives you a crown full of healthy and shining hair. Coconut oil also contains potassium and iron, which keep your hair roots strong.
  • Hairs break due to excess pressure on the roots. So you can use the juice of a small onion to keep your hair roots strong and bacteria-free. It is a natural hairtonic that contains rich sources of sulphur, and you must apply some onion juice on the hair root and keep this for 15 minutes before washing the hair with warm water.

  • One of theessential ingredients that stops hair fall is hibiscus petals. You can just boil fresh leaves from the hibiscus plant, or else, take some hibiscus petals, grind them into a thin paste and then apply this all over the hair roots and scalp. This does not make your scalp dry, and it revitalizes the hair roots and strands.
  • If you have some essential oils like Rosemary, sandalwood or Thyme or Jojoba oil, you can mix these oils with organic and herbal coconut or with almond oil to massage the scalp and the hair roots. After this, just dip a cotton towel into hot water and put it on a turban by covering your head. Keep this for half an hour.Then wash with a mild shampoo. There will be a noticeabletransformation in the texture of your hair, and you will have a better hair growth.

Foods to eat for proper hair growth:

  • Nuts and egg reduce hairfall to a large extent.
  • You can also take green tea for arresting hair fall to a large scale.
  • Cucumber, beetroot juice and pumpkin pulps are great for enhancing hair growth on your scalp.

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