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Cough and cold have always been a mark of sickness from a very long time. Even if a person who was initially suffering from fever manages to reduce the temperature, the coughing stays back to enjoy the vacation for quite a few days. It can be a cause of a severe headache. And headaches have the power to ruin anyone’s mood and happiness. Now to avoid such consequences we can always stick to the very well known proverb “prevention is better than cure”. It is rather hard to get rid of cough in comparison to normal fever. Cough can come due to various reasons they could be due to the change in drinking water, change in climatic conditions, change in environment. Although the causes and the triggers happen to be so large in number, the cure happens to be simple and organic.

Organic remedies give instant relief, especially when it comes to cough and common cold. Plus point, being that these are home remedies. One needn't run around places looking for items. The remedies are made out of ingredients and materials that are for sure to be present in every household. Below listed are few organic way to get rid of coughing.

  • Saltwater: You happen to have cough and common cold? Include a new agenda in your morning routine. Include saltwater gargling. Gargling with saltwater has shown to be very helpful in clearing out the mucus clog present in the throat, thereby reducing the intensity of coughs.

  • Turmeric: Include turmeric in your diet for the next few days. No one expects you to consume this holy stem in it's raw form, one can mix the powder in nice warm milk along with elaichi. Elaichi and cinnamon can also be added as they serve as great flavouring agents. Turmeric can be considered the next best remedy for cough because of its antiviral properties.
  • Honey: Honey is widely preferred for cough, especially if it's a dry cough. Honey’s texture is extremely helpful in soothing the sore muscles in the throat. Due to its texture and various other nature-oriented properties it is the next best alternative. The best aspect about honey is it can be consumed by the fitness addicts without any worries.
  • Neem: A spoonful of neem’s juice or neem extract is enough to clear the sore throat. The bitter taste can easily be masked with the help of jaggery or honey.
  • Basil: Or as we like to call it tulsi is found in every house. Few leaves of this is sure to do the trick. One can either directly consume it by chewing on leaf or can boil it in water and drink the extract alone. Chewing of the leaf is quicker in giving relief than drinking the extract.

It is quite simple to catch cold and cough. In Spite of keeping yourself fit you are bound to catch cough. This can be considered to be a test put for all the lymphocytes present in the body. For further information on organic products click here.

Stay organic. Stay healthy.


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