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Acidity occurs when acid is accumulated in our stomach and as a result we feel a burning sensation. It can be caused due to a variety of reasons ranging from not eating food on time, eating lots of food at a particular time, having a diet with high amounts of fat in it or eating carbonated and stuff containing citrus on an empty stomach. Acidity can cause a lot of problems and it is therefore advisable to prevent it as soon as possible.

Acidity can happen to one at any time in life. It is not restricted to age, gender or body-built. Acidity can also lead to a feeling of burning in the heart. All these problems might build up and lead to more serious problems. Here are a few ways for you to prevent acidity so that it does not cause problems anymore!

  1. Reduce acid-forming drinks

Drinks like tea, coffee, aerated drinks and so on cause acid to accumulate in the stomach, therefore causing the feeling of burning in your stomach. Reduce or regulate the amount of these drinks so that they do not form acid in your stomach.

  1. Avoid fat

Avoid fatty products such as animal products and fried foods. Your body does need some amount of them, but do not have them regularly else acidity won’t leave you alone. Fried stuffs are one of the main products which cause acidity and weight gain. Avoid them to remain healthy and fit.

  1. Take pills

Taking pills might not be the idea that you might have in your mind to reduce acidity, but it the most efficient and quick way to get rid of any acid accumulation in your body.

  1. Eat properly

Many people just gulp their food, not chewing it properly and therefore feeling hungry which leads them to eat more than they actually need to. Eating slowly, chewing properly, waiting for an hour after you finish a meal before doing any activities and letting the digestion take place smoothly will help you stay away from the grips of acidity.

  1. Do not smoke

Smoking increases the heat inside your body, therefore making it easier for acid to accumulate and cause burns in the stomach. Stop smoking. It will help reduce acidity and other health hazards.

Follow these steps and acidity will never cause you any problems anymore.

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