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So there we go with a long list to the supermarket.Yes, it’s time to purchase the coming week’s grocery. And the supermarket shelves hits you like a tough IIT question, impossible to crack and endless confusion. Even for the simplest of our needs like salt to the packaged canned food, supermarkets offer a never ending variety of brands and types to steal the breath of an average consumer. Torn between organic, nutritious and long shelve life specifications?Let me help you to pick out on some basic everyday essentials for your household.

Tea is an inevitable drink in most families. Morning refreshment cannot be assured to most without a cup of tea/coffee despite the endless studies showing that tea isn’t good for health. Various infusions are found at supermarkets, organic tea, masala tea, tulsi tea, and herbal tea and so on. These are supposed to have lots of health benefits. Inclusion of herbs like tulsi can bring on various nutritional benefits.Herbal teas and green tea are great for your skin, heart, weight and your mood! So when you are shopping next, make sure to pick out a healthy cup of tea.

  • Canned Food

Canned foods, Milk products, Pickles…No kitchen can exist without these. Make sure you only grab on to that can with a reasonable shelf life.Pickles play an important place in the Indian meal supplying essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, contributing to modest diabetes control, improved digestion, liver protection, a supply of probiotics, and the ability to heal ulcers. Little bit of sourness is good sometimes!

From sugar to jaggery to honey, a typical Indian kitchen makes use of all possible sweeteners to prepare dishes. Organic Honey intake helps in weight loss, supply of vitamins and provides better immunity against ailments.Meanwhile sugar is sometimes referred to as white poison, causing bad oral health, damaging the overall metabolism of the body and overloading the liver. But many Organic sugar and substitutes like coconut Sugar is proven to be healthy for your body.

The amount of oil that an average Indian kitchen utilizes is too high. Select oils according to your needs. A large variety exists in today’s market from organic coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, etc.While some are good for intake others are used for skin and hair care purposes. The Virgin Organic Coconut oil is said to have miracle effects on you.So pick that bottle without thinking twice.

Pulses are the storehouses of proteins and various essential nutrients. So make sure your diet includes adequate amounts of pulses choosing from among black gram, red gram, dals all which can be put tastily on the plate. Chooseorganic, pesticidefree, good quality products of well known brands.

Spices excite our taste buds and helps in overall wellness. Indian spices like cumin, cinnamon, ajwain etc. boost health considerably. Choose organic and branded spices to get a quality, pesticide free product to spice up all your dishes!

Oils, Grains, Pulses, Sweeteners, Masalas, I’m sure you have it all on your trolley now. Time to check out and take home those groceries that’ll end up as delicious and healthy meals on your table. Click here to browse through more varieties that JBN has in store for you.


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