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Puffy and bloated eyes are one of the worst ways to start a day. Don’t worry…we are here to suggest some natural ways and products that would pamper your eyes. Follow these –

Sleeping postures

Beauty experts are of the opinion that one of the common reasons of eyes’ puffiness is fluid retention of lymphatic buildup. To avoid this, sleep by keeping your head slightly elevated. This would prevent building up of excessive fluid.

Recognize the Allergens

Some allergens could also be the culprits in causing puffiness of your eyes. Use a clean pillow or change it often. In case you experience any irritation or redness in eyes, don’t rub them. This would cause intrusion of allergens inside the eyes. Rather, pop in an antihistamine to subside the irritation.

Consume Lesser Salt

Salt intake causes water retention in body. To avoid this, consume lesser salt; especially before going to bed. You can also drink lots of water to flush your system of toxins’ buildup and treat puffy eyes.

Cucumber Slices

Cucumbers come loaded with antioxidants. Thus, they are very effective in reducing the puffiness of eyes. They also treat irritation and redness of eyes. Take two slices of cucumber and place on eyes. Relax for 20 to 30 minutes and feel refreshed.

Raw Potato Slices

Slices of raw potato are also effective in keeping eyes cool. Raw potato is a natural astringent that removes water from under-eye bags. You can grate raw potato and use its mesh also that is even more effective.

Raw Milk

Dip cotton balls in raw whole milk and remove excess of it. Place over eyes for few minutes to shrink their puffiness. You can use soy milk also to benefit from its nutritional content.

Tea Bags

Black as well as green tea contains caffeine that helps in constricting blood vessels in the under eye skin. They also contain tanninwhich helps in stimulating blood circulation. First place tea bags in hot water and then allow them to cool at room temperature. Place them on eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. This will soothe and pamper eyes effectively.

Egg Whites

Beat up fluffy white portion of eggs and apply it under the eyes with a brush. It will tighten on drying and tone up the skin. Rinse it gently after 15 to 20 minutes. This would also help in treating eye inflammation.

Aloe Vera

Aloe veracontains as many as 18 essential amino acids along with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Place slices of raw aloe vera or use its gel. This will also prevent wrinkling of under eye skin.

Rose Water

Rosewater carries the goodness of Vitamin A and C. It is a well-known astringent that keeps one refreshed and rejuvenated. You can make rose water at home by soaking rose petals in distilled water for a few hours. Strain the liquid and store it.

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