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As you grow older, various changes occur, which may be physiological or psychological. These changes have effects on our body, our diet requirement and the ability of the body to absorb various vitamins and minerals. Thus, a balanced diet is required to increase the mental acuteness and the resistance to illness and diseases.

What to Eat

Having a balanced diet doesn’t mean dieting or any sacrifice. It’s all about choosing the right food items and avoid malnutrition.

  • Fruit

Whole fruits must be preferred as compared to juices, since these provide fibre to the aged body.

  • Calcium

It is necessary for the body as age increases, to preserve the bones and lower the blood pressure. Food items such as milk, almonds, yogurt, and broccoli are rich in calcium.

  • Protein

Beans, cheese, fish, milk, and peas help to maintain the ratio of the proteins in your diet.

  • Grains

Choose your crabs carefully and prefer whole grains over flour to add more nutrition to your diet.

Vitamins and minerals

  • Water

As age increases, body loses the ability to regulate the fluid levels in the body. Thus, adequate amount of water must be taken to avoid dehydration and various urinary infections.

  • Vitamin B

After the age of 50, your stomach will decrease the excretion of the gastric juices, which makes it difficult for the body to absorb Vitamin B, necessary to keep the blood and the nerves vital. Hus, Vitamin B must be taken as a supplement to have a balanced diet. The food items may be cereals, eggs, cheese, etc.

  • Vitamin D

The intake of Vitamin D is mainly through sun exposure. But, as you age, your skin gets dull to absorb Vitamin D. Thus, supplements and essential food items(egg yolk, milk,)must be included in the diet chart. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium and boost your muscles.

Food items to avoid

  • Added sugar

Food items such as pasta sauce, frozen dinners, ketchup, bread and fast food must be avoided to maintain a proper sugar level.

  • Sodium (salt)

Adequate spices and herbs must be used, instead of excessive salt to maintain the taste of the food.

  • Bad carbs

Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and other long lasting energy sources must be included in the diet instead of refined sugar, white rice and white flour.

  • Avoid boiling

Boiling the veggies destroys the nutrients. Thus, veggies must be steamed in olive oil to preserve nutrients.

How to plan the diet chart

The proportion of each component must be adequate. You must consult your doctor or physician before planning the diet chart and must take care of your past health issues. You should also take care of your lifestyle, while planning the balanced diet chart.

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