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Sugar is crystalline and solid in texture; jaggery is semi solid and can be crushed easily since the molasses are not removed as in the case of sugar.

In case of sugar, the syrup prepared is treated to remove all the dirt and unwanted particles, so that the crystals appear white in colour whereas in the case of jaggery, no such thing is done. The sugar cane juice is just cooked until the required thickness is obtained and then they are filled into moulds to obtain the desired shapes.

Difference between sugar and jaggery

Owing to the great difference in their preparation process, there is a great deal of difference in their preparation procedure. Sugar consists only of sucrose; jaggery contains sucrose as well as mineral salts, iron and some fibres. Therefore, jaggery is often recommended to those with iron deficiency.

The way they get absorbed in the body is also different. Since sugar is the simplest form of sucrose, it gets digested immediately and releases a burst of energy. This may prove harmful for some internal organs such as the kidneys, eyes, and brain, particularly for patients with diabetes. Also, sugar solution in water is considered cooling in nature. So, in some places, it is not recommended to consume sugar when someone has a cold. While jaggery, consists of much longer chains of sucrose that takes much more time to be broken down and digested in the body. Therefore, the process of providing energy is slow and hence not harmful tothe human body. Therefore, it also assists in weight reduction as it decreases the water retention capacity and improves the metabolism of the body.

What are the benefits of using jaggery?

Jaggery is relatively richer when it comes to minerals and nutrients. It also contains a rich source of iron since it is made in iron vessels. It cleanses the human body as it cleans the lungs, stomach, intestine, respiratory tract and the oesophagus. It aids in digestion and helps in curing constipation as well. It is also very helpful in increasing the overall immunity of the body.

Also, there is a lot of difference in the way they are culturally used. Sugar is found in almost all the sweet things ranging from ice creams, breads, biscuits, confectionary and almost everything around to boost the taste or add flavour, colour and aroma whereas, jaggery is sparsely used. It is only used in Indian dishes, sweets made of nuts and dry fruits. It is used in the whole country to fight the cruel winters.
Besides, owing to the many problems attached to it, it is not easily available except in countries where it is produced. It also has a high content of moisture and easily melts on heating and contracts fungal infections.

Therefore, it can be concluded that jaggery is a better alternative to sugar since its rich with many properties like iron content, minerals and vitamins. From health prospects, sugar can be replaced with jaggery. However, jaggery should not be regularly consumed by diabetic people and it’s also not easily available around the world as sugar is. Browse Joybynaturestore to know more.


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