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In a world where the beauty of a girl is judged by how lean she is, it’s no wonder every other girl today is seen following a strict regime to get in shape. But as we know that God, while creating us all, was being superbly creative, there are still many, disheartened with their extra sleek structures. But how do we know if our structures fall into the too-slim category? Let’s find out.

  • Right weight analysis

Usually, Body Mass Index (BMI) is taken to figure out if you possess ideal/under/over-weight. Calculated by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by height (in metres), a BMI of 18.5 or less is considered as underweight while that over 25 is said to be overweight. Ideal weight is supposed to be characterized by a BMI of 18.5 to 25.

Being too slim comes with a baggage of health hazards. It’s good to think that you are fine the way you are but if your body structure is costing you your health, you better watch out, mate.

  • Reproductive complications

Being underweight can cause serious menstrual irregularities/abnormalities and also, can hold you off from conceiving. Men who are underweight can face issues with sperm quality and fertility.

  • Reduced immunity

An extremely lean physique can dampen your immune system down and fix your appointment with a variety of health hazards. Arthritis, lung problems, heart disease and diabetes are a few examples.

  • Nervous disorders

Our nerves are insulated by a sheath called myelin that’s made of fatty tissue. Less fat means less myelin that would mean problems in nerve transmission. Multiple sclerosis and many other nervous diseases ail the underweight people across the world.

  • Affects mental health

Too thin people, apparently, produce less of the feel-good neurochemical, serotonin. More instances of depression are found in the underweight people in the world. Research has shown that underweight men are more likely to attempt suicide than those having a normal weight.

  • How do I gain weight?

Okay, friend! Now that you’re planning on working out an effective weight gain  formula, let’s quickly tell you that when people like you stress it out for being the way they are, the various mass gainers available in the market come to their rescue.

Weight management has become a lot easier these days with the plethora of weight management supplements that occupy the market. But which one is right for you? Let’s see.

  • Protein Quality

To understand this, entails a little knowledge of biology. The ability of your body to use a particular protein defines its quality, a factor called biological value (BV). This rating is calculated by dividing the total nitrogen retained from eating a protein by the total nitrogen absorbed by eating that protein. So when your body will readily absorb a protein like whey isolate (BV 159), it won’t be able to absorb a milk protein like casein (BV 77) with the same pace. Lower BV rated proteins are suggested only if you want to ingest it right before you go to sleep in order to absorb it slowly but generally, high-quality products use higher BV rated proteins so that you get more of the protein you’re taking in.

  • Sugar content

High sugar content ensures increased insulin in the body and also, higher levels of serotonin. These may cause headaches, lethargy and touchiness in some individuals. Sugar content of 30 to 60 gram would do just fine.

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