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Arthritis mainly affects the older people. But now it is very common for new generations also and it is very common among youngsters.Arthritis causes heavy pain on your body parts and especially it adversely affects your joints. Arthritis is caused due to the degeneration of bones and cartilage, and you must be aware of this disease. You can prevent arthritis with some natural ways and it is suggested to follow some simple tips and keep your bones strong in future.

 Here you can find some tips to prevent arthritis, and you must follow these steps on a regular basis:

  • Drink water: cartilage is basically the bone joints and if you want to make your cartilage strong then you must drink plenty of water everyday. Cartilage is made up with 60 percent of water and if your body has water retention problem then you can face arthritis at the early age.
  • Consume Fruits: you must eat some deep colored super fruits and protect your blood cells. These fruits have huge amount of antioxidant ingredients and they can protect your body from arthritis, cancer and heart disease. If you think that coffee, tea and soda can provide sufficient water to your body, then you must avoid these things, because these drinks have huge amount of saturated fat and sugar and they can harm your body too.

  • Calcium: you must consume sufficient calcium containing foods like milk, cheese, yogurt and green vegetables. Along with that some non-dairy products like broccoli, salmon, spinach, peanuts, almond and tofu also provide you with sufficient calcium for your body and they prevent arthritis and make your bones strong.
  • Vitamin: vitamin C and D are essential to prevent arthritis and they block your arthritis at the onset too. If you do not get sufficient sunrays, then you do not get vitamin D because the main source of vitamin D is sunlight. This vitamin helps your calcium to be absorbed into bones. You can get vitamin D from salmon, tuna, orange juice and milk.

How to prevent the onset of arthritis?

  • You should maintain your weight and avoid obesity to prevent the onset of
  • You must do some regular exercises and it will make your bones strong.
  • You can practice some yoga to maintain arthritis.
  • Quit smoking.

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