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Weight gain and obesity are two different concepts. While weight gain is healthy, obesity is unhealthy. Weight gain is development of muscle mass along with toned muscles while obesity is having excess calories in the body along with a lot of fat in and around the hip and abdomen area.

These days obesity is a common phenomenon. Most people in 20’s and 30’s are seen obese. The culture of fast high-calorie fried foods is one major reason of obesity problems in many nations. The availability of fried food joints serving quick food and beverages are inclining more and more people to choose them over home food. Obesity is a major concern in most nations of the world. Obesity causes different complications. These days we see many young people moving around in motorized vehicles and chairs since they cannot carry themselves. This is very unlikely to their age. Excess of weight gain puts excessive pressure on joints hence stopping them to move around.

Along with damaging joints, the excess fat in the body also damages and constricts blood vessels. This stops the heart from receiving oxygen and blood leading to heart blockages and other cardio vascular diseases.

The only way to fight obesity is totally cutting down on junk food and beverages along with workouts.

Weight gain on the other hand, is when people intend to get a broader, sturdy look and maintain the standardized body weight which they should have according to their age and sex. Weight gain is essential as it keeps the body fit. Keeping the body fit is a great challenge. It required a great combination of healthy food and also a daily workout schedule. There are different workout schedules for both men and women. Free hand exercises are a great workout scheme which most people follow for a healthy weight gain.

Along with a good workout, the body also needs nutrients to develop toned muscles. Given here are certain super foods which help in healthy weight gain.

  • Egg
  • Meat
  • Meat Organs
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Green vegetables
  • Milk
  • Nuts

These supply the body with the correct nutrient it requires. Also there are organic supplements which also help in weight gain. Supplements in the form of protein powders, nutri bars and shakes are helpful.

They supply the body with muscle mass building substances. These organic supplements have added benefits. They suppress hungers and also develop immunity which is very necessary.

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