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Our poor lifestyle, which we call a high quality lifestyle, is the basic reason of anxiety and stress. These words are common these days and we hear it from almost everyone. Anxiety and stress are different adverse effects which lower down the quality of our lives. Meditation and yoga are medicines to all diseases. However, they do not give you the liberty to choose the unhealthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle teamed with enough exercise in the form of yoga and meditation can cure anxiety and stress. Then too they totally cannot improve your life. What they do is improve your mood, by shifting your attention. Here is a list of few foods which you should include in your diet along with the above mentioned suggestions to improve your well being-

  • Fatty Fish

Fatty fish contains Omega 3. Along with improving skin quality, omega 3 also helps in reducing stress. People who consume Omega 3 show lower stress levels in comparison to those who do not.

  • Chamomile Tea

Those who have lower or moderate stress rate, Chamomile tea is a great food for them. Chamomile tea has been used since ancient times and now science too has used it to cure anxiety and stress.

  • Eggs

In order to function properly the brain needs Vitamin B. Lack of vitamin B leads to confusion, restlessness and anxiety. Make sure to incorporate enough vitamin B food like citrus food, eggs and beef. Eggs are rich in choline which is the best Vitamin B component.

  • Probiotics

Probiotics are good gut bacteria. They help in fighting anxiety and stress.

  • Green Tea

Green contains amino acid. The best component in amino acid is L- Theanine. L theanine is a great stress buster as it has calming properties.


  • Turkey

Tryptophan helps in feeling calm. Thryptophan in turkey meat puts people to sleep easily. Thus, Turkey is a great food.


  • Turmeric

The antioxidant Curcominiod enhances the mood.  It fights depression and thus is a good anxiety and stress buster.

  • Organ meats

They have a rich source of Vitamin D and zinc. They also contain choline and thus put a strong competition to anxiety and stress.

  • Avocados

This is a superfood. It contains beneficial Vitamin B and also potassium. It also has monosaturated fats. These all are beneficial for brain health and are great neurotransmitters.

Including these foods in regular diets can definitely fight anxiety. However, the process needs to be continued as the results cannot be seen in a single day. Click here to find cure for anxiety and stress.


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