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Walking Running Standing Jumping, all these things the feet does are directly related to the well being of a human body. Spending time for these two small little cute things is very important. The feet go through lot of wear and tear, they go through almost everything from water to weather, stone to soil, roads to carpets, flip-flop to boots and yet we hardly tend to look at them.Taking care of the feet is very much required because a lot of nerves are based at the bottom of our feet which control almost every organ’s well being and functioning, the same has been explained in acupressure methods which are used for relieving stress from various organs and rejuvenating them for a sound mind and sound body. When pressure is applied on various parts of the sole it sends signals to the respective organs and activates them. There are various aspects to foot care which will be addressed in this blog.

Footwear is very important. We start wearing footwear right from the age of one till the day we die. Footwear has a very important role to play because the intention behind wearing them is to protect our feet and if that’s not happening properly other issues is surely to follow. Always wear footwear which is very much comfortable on your feet. Try the footwear before buying, wear it and walk a few steps to feel the comfort,choose footwear where the edge of the footwear and tip of your toes has a gap of ½ inch between them. Every type of person has a different comfort level, leather, canvas, sandals, boots have different fittings and comfort level. Every individual should wear footwear which suits the most to his style, need and comfort level. The upper part of the footwear should be flexible but gripping and the sole should be firm since the sole rest on them get cushioned there. The important thing is the life span of every footwear; none of the footwear should be worn more than a year, since the comfort level is sure to run out because of the wear and tear the footwear has to bear.

Pedicures can be quite liberating and rejuvenating for the feet. There are numerous ways of simple pedicures that can be done with simple home ingredients like garlic, olive, papaya, rose, lemon etc. Keeping your feet in lukewarm water for 15 minutes can release all the pain and strain the feet have gone through. Using salt in lukewarm water helps moisten the feet faster. Adding garlic and olive oil to the pedicure can be more beneficial since garlic is a good remedy for athlete foot and olive oil moisturizes the skin. Rose petal pedicure helps tackle the foot odor and improve the senses. Lemon pedicure tackles dead skin. 

Massage is one simple way which can be done with or without applying any cream. A mild massage done at the sole using just your thumbs in circular fashion as if kneadingdough, the pain easies out quite easily. Stretching the toes, a little can also give relief to the nerves and release the tightness in them. When too much walking has happened and feet seems heavy and cracking, sleep and rest your feet on few cushions at a height that the feet are visible to you, the pain starts reducing gradually and you feel better over night. 


Cleaning of feet on daily basis very much helps in keeping them healthy. Wash your feet whenever you remove your footwear. Wash your feet when you come from outside since feet is covered with sweat, mud and other dirt from outside. Washing your feet removes the dirt and sweat which in turn keeps diseases at bay. Dry off your feet with a towel immediately since moisture which remains between the toes can harm the skin and sole. Scrubbing the sole removes the dead skin and keeps it fresh. Cutting toe nails is extremely important since they can harm the feet and cause various are problems. Dirt and sweat which gets accumulated in the corners of the nails can cause rashes and irritation. Long toe nails are painful inside a shoe. Overgrown nails on the corner can penetrate in the skin letting sweat carrying germs travel inside. Using oil or moisturizer on feet helps in keeping the skin soft and in good condition.

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