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It is easy to pick the habit of smoking but very difficult to kick it away. Smoking can cause serious health issues that can be even irreversible. Smoking is also a known cause of cancer, a fatal disease. Its time you do something about the smoking habit of your dear ones with the help of some natural ways listed below –

Alter your diet

Some particular kind of foods like meats can make cigarettes taste better. Instead, go for fresh fruits, natural juices, green teas, milk, and veggies that make cigarettes taste horrible. Such foods can really help in developing an aversion to smoking.

Go for sweets

Whenever you crave for a cigarette, it means your body needs carbohydrate. Eat sweets to satiate your craving for carbohydrate. Keep a candy bar, or a slab of chocolate ready so that you can pop in that whenever you experience smoking triggers.

Exercise Vigorously

Exercise vigorously so that your heart pumps optimally. Good working of your heart will keep your cardiac cells healthy. A healthy heart will consequently flush out nicotine toxins from the body.

Have a support group

Having a support group is significantly helpful in kicking the cigarette’s butt. Support system can be in the form of family or friends. And if there is support of another smoker who is also trying to shrug off this habit, it would be even better.


Take help of imagery to dissuade your loved ones from smoking. Hang the pictures or posters of charred lungs or other horrifying images. This will help smokers from lighting the cigarettes. This will have a beneficial effect in the longer run.

Stay Connected

There are many online anti-smoking forums that are of great use. Join them and find great encouragement and inspiration from them. There would be many useful tips and suggestions that would keep you motivated. Such online forums would also make you more accountable towards your goal.

Take help of Hypnosis

Hypnosis has proven itself to be very effective in inspiring people to quit smoking. Consult a certified and an experienced hypnosis expert who would train your mind to leave the rut of smoking.


Acupuncture is one such natural treatment that increases the production of serotonin and keeps the mind satisfied, relaxed and happy. This helps is lesser craving and better handling of triggers.

Self Massaging

Smoking addicts experience involuntary action of holding cigarettes in their hands without even realizing. One good way to prevent this is to self massage your brow or nape of the neck or ear so that the craving dies from that very moment.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindful meditation helps in developing clearer focus and trains mind to sift through good and bad habits. Daily sessions of mindfulness meditation will help in curbing the urge to smoke.

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