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Give yourself a relaxed and healthy lifestyle with desi masala chai. As Indians, we love our cup of chai. Chai can be made using all the ingredients available at home such tulsi, ginger, elaichi, cinnamore, etc. but these ingredients are not available at home all the time.  So it is always recommended to keep a chai masala to scintillate your taste buds with a hot cup of masala tea.

There are many advantages to consume masala tea besides its taste. The advantages of consuming masala chai are:                                                                                                                    

Anti-inflammatory: All the seasonings which make up masala chai are not only having their individual health gain nevertheless they function in cooperation to benefit your body fight any inflammation. One of the utmost important elements that help with inflammation is ginger. It has thecapacity to stop the mixture of prostaglandins as well as leukotriene biosynthesis, which in order helps todecrease the amount of inflammation one encounters.One more component that makes masala chai a great means to decrease inflammation is clove. Identified to be full with compound eugenol, clove is famous when it happens to reduce inflammation inside the muscles of the body. Equally these spices are very potent painkillers.

Beats fatigue: A warm cup of masala chai is the finest thing following a long hard day. The tannins available in tea aids to calm the body as well as revitalize it. In addition, tea comprises of caffeine – a tonic. Although, it is in much smaller quantity when measured to coffee, but then it has the same uplifting effect as a cuppa. This mixture of spices merged with a tonic like caffeine performs as the finest way to push away fatigue. The sound effects of masala chai are so recognized that even Olympic athletes choose to the drink as refreshment.

Fights cold and flu: Trusted to build up the immune system as well as keep common illnesses away, masala chai is filled with the goodness of all the antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic properties of its essential spices. Additionally, the immunity enhancing forces of clove, cinnamon, elaichi as well as ginger which makes masala chai which is aneminent technique to prevent coughs and colds.

Progresses digestion: Masala chai is filled of spices such as clove, tulsi, ginger as well as elaichi. What makes it amazing for people is that chai by itself is extremely acidic in nature nevertheless when you blend ginger for making it masala chai, it turn out to be a great digestive and actually limits out the acidic type of the tea. Thus, drink a cup of chai, it will revitalize you, beat tiredness and make you peaceful.Other than from ginger, clove and elaichi too which helps to improve digestion by adding the quantity of saliva created and peristalsis

Making masala chai can be a simple and easy process to eliminate harmful elements and give relax our body. It can also be a new experience for you so that you develop a healthy and prosperous life. Click here to browse through more varieties that JBN has in store for you.


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