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If you are bothered about your height then you can do some exercises. These exercises are basically designed for your mental and body strength. It does not mean that you need to attend the gym every day. You can do these freehand exercises in your home, and you will feel the relaxation of your muscles and after few months, you will see the result. These exercises will definitely increase your height within a few months only.

It is always recommended to keep your body fit, and do some regular exercises which increase your height and body growth effectively. Here you can find some simple exercises which help you to increase your height:

  • Gravity: gravity is related to your height and you spend all day at vertical or upright position. So during this time, the pressure of the gravity will compress on your spine and squeezes your cartilage. This is the main cause which makes your shorter. Hanging exercise is the best for you. You must try out some hanging exercise and keep your spine straight and breathe normally. This hanging exercise can easily increase your height up to two to three inches. It is suggested to keep your body straight while you are hanging on the bar and if you cannot be able to handle your body, then you can keep your knees bent and it will help you to keep your body straight.

  • Swim: you can try out some dry swimming exercise. Put your arms straight and raise your one arm than other arms and lift your one leg from the ground. You have to keep your entire body on this position for few seconds, and then try out as vice-versa. It will make your lower back muscles strong and increase your height easily.
  • Pelvic exercise: it is very simple exercise. You can start this exercise by lying on the floor and bending your knees and keep your feet closer to your bottom. Then arch your back portion as much as possible and hold your body at this position for twenty seconds. It is always recommended to consult with your doctor before starting this exercise and it is better to avoid this exercise for those who are having pelvic and stomach problems.

Useful tips for increase height:

  • Consult with the doctor before starting the exercise.
  • Do not try any medication to increase your height without consulting the doctor.
  • If you are unable to do this exercise then take suggestions from fitness trainers.

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