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If you do not get enough confidence because of your short height, then you must apply some natural ways to increase your height. Short height is due to some genetic and medical reasons like, low birth weight, smoking, insufficient parental care and lack of vitamins. But you can increase your height naturally.

Many short people feel disappointed and suffer from low confidence level due to their shorter height. If you want to increase your height  you can do many things to avoid  taking risk of high heel shoes, you can reach the tall shelf and it will boost up your energy level also.

You can try out some natural ways which can increase your height and make you taller within few months. Here you can find some natural ways for increasing your height:

  • Adequate sleep: You must take at least eight hours to eleven hours adequate sleep per day. According to the medical research, during the rest, our brain releases the human growth hormone and if you do not take the rest , your growth hormone release shall decrease , and your height cannot  Along with that you must prepare your mind before going to sleep, and manage all of your work pressure before that, you need to take this long sleep with a peaceful mind.

  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D is essential for body growth and especially for children. You will get vitamin D from many food items like, milk, eggs, pork, tofu and alfalfa. Along with that, sunlight is also a rich source of vitamin D, and you must try to install proper ventilation system which helps you to get the sunlight into your room during day time.
  • Calcium: Calcium is very important for bone growth and if you do not take sufficient amount of calcium it will stop your growth instantly. You will get rich amount of calcium from dairy products, soybeans and cheese.

Exercises which make you taller:

  • Swimming: It is the best full body workout and if you swim for at least two hours per day it will make your muscles and bones strong. It will increase your height effectively.
  • Hanging: You can do some hanging exercise from a horizontal bar. It will maintain your body gravity and make you taller.
  • Toe touching: This exercise is very effective and you just need to touch your toe by bending your spine. If you have any spinal problem avoid this exercise.
  • General exercise: Apart from that, you can do skipping, super stretch and body stretching and other regular sports exercise to increase your height.

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