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You can also get a stress free life just by following these simple tips.

Given are the 10 tips to live a stress-free life:

  1. One at a time: Focus on doing one thing at a time. Clear the desk of distractions. Like, need to write a report? Do only that. Remove distractions like phone-email notifications while working on that. This takes practice, so keep practicing and you’ll get better at it.
  2. Simplifying schedule: Simplify life by reducing number of commitments in life just to the essentials. Learn to say ‘no’and slowly get out of commitments that aren’t beneficial to you. Leave room for fun.
  3. Get moving: Do something everyday to be active — walk, play a sport, go for a run, do yoga. You don’t need to be gruelling to reduce stress. Have fun doing it.

  1. Developing healthy habits: Other than getting active, improving your health overall will also help. But take one habit at a time. Like eating fruits veggies, flossing every day, quitting smoking, taking something healthy for dinner and drinking water instead of soda.

  1. Calm yourself down: What do you enjoy that calms you down? For many, it can be the “get moving” activity discussed above. But it could also be taking a nap, bath, reading, or meditation. Find your calming activity and perform it each day.

  1. Simplify finances: Finances drain your energy and are a major stressor. If that’s true for you, figure out ways to automate savings and bill payments and debt payments. Spend less by not going to shopping frequently. Find ways providing fun not involving money.
  2. Have fun!Have fun each day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. You can also click here for a stress-free life.
  3. Be creative: Throwing yourself into creative activity(painting, play music, sketch,doing interior designing or make pottery or building things) is another way to de-stress and if you play, you may get hurt. Don’t worry. This may help you.

  1. Clutter free: Look around at anything that’s cluttering up your room, get rid of it or find a better place for it. When done, you would have a nice, peaceful environment for work, play, and living. Do this for a little bit of time — it can be one of your “fun activities”.
  2. Be on time: Being late can be very stressful. Try to leave earlier just by getting ready earlier and try scheduling more space between events. Work may take longer than usual, so schedule some buffer time.

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