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The uses of incenses  are spread out and the advantages of using them - more so. They have been used since time immemorial for ritualistic and medicinal purposes besides being burnt indoors. Most people have little knowledge of the perks of spreading the aroma of incenses  at home. Its purpose is not limited to making the house smell nice but it has also been found to kill germs, bacteria and keep away insects. In short, it helps purify the air. Incenses  have long since been used in rituals to ward off negativity and bring in positivity. It also helps to increase the sexual drive. In medicine, the smoke of burning incense has been used to kill the bacteria on a wound, making it heal faster. Moreover, the aroma of incense has a calming effect on our body. Let's see how:-

  1. They slow down the heart rate

The aroma of incense helps slow down the heart rate. This helps relieve tension in the muscles and relaxes the whole body. As the heart slows down, it thereby helps soothe the nerves.

  1. They induce the production of "happy hormones"

The sense of smell is very powerful in producing a reaction in our body. The pleasant aroma of incense has been proved to trigger the production of the chemicals serotonin and dopamine which induce feelings for happiness and well-being in us. This relaxes our mind and thereby our body.

  1. It purifies the air

Many types of incense , especially Frankincense, have been proven to have the power to get rid of bacteria, fungus, insects, germs, etc. This implies that incense smoke has the power to purify the air around us. Moreover, it is said to "get rid of negative energy and increase the positive energy". This too means that the air is being purified. Clean air calms our body and helps relax our mind and nerves.

  1. It helps get rid of cold

The aroma of certain types of incense helps clear blocked noses and related headaches. As it triggers the production of "happy hormones" as mentioned above, it clears the head, relieves headache and leaves us feeling much better.

  1. It helps reduce anxiety and depression

In a certain study, when mice were subjected to incense smoke, it was found to have triggered the production of a chemical - TRPV3 - which aids in reducing anxiety and depression.

So what's stopping you from lighting that incense in your house now? Please note that the incense mentioned are organic incenses. Artificial incense may have side-effects and be addictive due to the presence of synthetic materials. Natural incenses  are produced from completely natural substances extracted from plants.

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