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Vitamins have been the most sought after food group by people who feel they need more nutrition in their daily food to keep them healthy and happy. Right from small children to fully grown adults, vitamins are the best source of healthy food for development of the body and also for the functioning of the entire organ system in the body.

The vitamins serve as energy supplements when they are consumed with the daily food. One does not have to go out of their way to take these foods, but having a proper and a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables will help in getting the right vitamins into the human body. Nature has a rich source of these vitamins and serves as a reservoir of sorts for this group of foods. More than the animal sources, the plants, vegetables and the fruits have more concentration of vitamins in them.

Healthy vitamins for a healthy life

Each and every person must stick to the required daily vitamin intake level to make sure the metabolic activities in the body are maintained properly. Any slight change in the level may not act up at first, but the symptoms start to accumulate over time and they reach peak if the particular vitamin is neglected completely over a period of time. This is the time when the deficiency diseases start to show their action and other ailments try to attack the human body.

The vitamins act as natural supplements  in building up the immune system to fight against the diseases. This is what makes the intake of vitamins a serious thing for a person. These do not act directly on the organs but rather they influence the compounds that regulate the functions of each of the organ system. Since each vitamin has a role to play, it is necessary to note that one must not over indulge or deprive themselves of a particular vitamin thinking that this might even things in the longer run.

The most important vitamins for the healthy life are:

  • Vitamin B:

The vitamin B complex is essential for the circulatory system. This ensures that the blood is pumped out properly from the heart and there is no blockage in the system. It prevents the deficiency disease Beri-Beri.

  • Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is an important supplement for the development and the maintenance of bones and teeth. It regulates the calcium levels and thus prevents bone disorders like rickets. Sunlight is an excellent source of this vitamin.

  • Vitamin A:

Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A. These help provide red pigmentation to the blood and also in preventing the ocular deficiencies like night blindness.

  • Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is found majorly in the citric fruits and in some plant sources. This helps in taking care of the gums and prevents the onset of the deficiency disorders like scurvy.

Vitamins are thus an important food group that can never be neglected or compromised. Click here to check the vitamin ranges that Joy by Nature offers.


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