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Vitamin C is essential for your gums and teeth because it helps you keep your teeth and its roots strong. So if you have a lack of Vitamin C, then you may suffer from some gum-bleeding and sensitive teeth diseases. Therefore, you must have sufficient vitamins and minerals for teeth.

If you find bleeding gums and infection around your teeth, then you must consult with your dentist immediately. Many people suffer from these teeth diseases due to lack of vitamin C. You must be aware about this thing and enhance the intake of sufficient vitamins and minerals for your teeth to be strong. Along with that you can also take care of your teeth and gums naturally with some basic home remedies.

Here you can find some home remedies for your teeth and keep your gums and teeth strong with vitamin C.

  • Citrus: The problem of bleeding gums and sensitive teeth is known as gingivitis. If you face these kinds of diseases, then you can apply some basic natural remedies e.g. eat fruits like orange, lemon, broccoli and cabbage. These fruits have rich amount of vitamin C and it will prevent these teeth and gum disease. Vitamin C mainly kills the bacterial infection of your gums and teeth and is a supplement to your health. So you can easily keep your teeth healthy with these fruits and vegetables.

  • Milk: Calcium is essential for your bones and teeth. If you do not drink milk every day then your bone marrow and teeth shall be affected shortly. So you must drink milk for calcium and lactose ingredients. Along with that, milk contains fat. This fat will be deposited on your gums which can affect your teeth. So after taking milk, you must wash your teeth with medicated toothpaste. According to the dentist’s suggestion, you must avoid taking milk an hour before your bedtime.
  • Clove: Clove is enriched with vitamin C and if you suffer from any kind of teeth problems like bleeding gums and teeth infection, then you can rub clove oil on your gum and teeth. Apart from that you can chew clove directly for the same. It is always recommended to wash your teeth after a few minutes of using clove oil.

  • Tea tree oil: You can wash your mouth with tea tree oil and water. It prevents gum infection and protects your teeth from bacteria.

How to keep your teeth from bleeding and infection?

  • Wash your teeth every day.
  • Brush your teeth after taking food.
  • Avoid chocolate and other sugar enriched foods which are harmful for teeth and gums.
  • Consult with the dentist on a regular basis.

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