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We are going to get indulged in sweet talk here. Here is one stop mini guide that would give the best possible information about sugars and sweeteners.

Liquefied Sweeteners

Liquefied sweeteners are more nutritious than usual granuled sugar. It is used in bakery foods for adding a unique color, flavor and texture.


Raw honey comes loaded with vital nutrients and even retains them after cooking. Though it is high in calories, presence of antioxidants counterbalances this. Honey tackles the free radicals effectively that sugar cannot do. Honey is as sweet as sugar; perhaps even more for it contains fructose. If sugar is to be replaced by honey, use only ¾ of honey for 1 portion of sugar. 

Granulated Sugars

Sugars are available in different granulated form. While some have larger granules, others may be smaller in size. The size of sugar granules affects the baking recipe as it determines the incorporation of air in the batter during its mixing process. If you are using larger granules of sugar, either mix it for a longer time or powder it before mixing it.

Raw Sugar

When the sugar is extracted just before the removal of the molasses it is known as the raw sugar. The color of the raw sugar is light brown because it is not purified to be converted into white refined sugar. Different types of raw sugars are Demerara, Turbinado and Muscovada and they all have varied color, texture and taste.

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a partially refined sugar that has molasses present in it. If we compare it with the white sugar, brown sugar retains more moisture and is preferable for those recipes that are to be little moist and succulent. Brown sugar also imparts a lovely golden color crust to the baked dishes along with a caramelized flavor.

Powdered Sugar

Powdered sugar is also known as icing sugar. It is granulated sugar that has been grounded into fine powder. Cornstarch is added to powdered sugar so that it won’t clump together. Powdered sugar is used for making cake icings, glazing, and crunchy cookies.Powdered sugar can be made easily at home also by mixing granulated sugar and cornstarch in dry blender.

Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut palm sugar is a healthy alternative to usual sugar. It is high in calories as well as in nutrients. It is high in calories and nutrients. Coconut sugar is good for diabetes patients as it has low glycemic index. It also has mild caramelized flavorand is little coarse and dark in color.

Date sugar

Date sugar is understandably derived from dates. The chopped dates are dehydrated and made into granules that are very sweet. Date sugar starts clumping together, so manufacturers add anti-caking agent to it. Its usage in recipes is limited for it doesn’t melts or gets absorbed easily.

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