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We humans are a great fan of food. And what adds to this intoxicating love for food is the spices used in it. Spices are the most important ingredient for any delicious food. But are these spices really good for you? Well, certainly not all of them are. And also, quantity used matters too.

Surprisingly, most of the spices have great health benefits provided, you don't take them in excessive amounts. Some of the spices with great health benefits and even better taste enhancing capacities are mentioned here:

Cinnamon: It comes loaded with great health benefits. Cinnamon contains iron, manganese and calcium. It has substances that work as antioxidants and prevent cell damage.

Capsaicin: Although this spice almost burns your mouth but surprisingly it is an efficient pain reliever. And not only this, it also represses body fat accumulation. Now that is some real intoxicating feature to make you use it. But make sure the it does not get overloaded or a volcano might set up in your mouth.

Oregano: Key to almost all Italian dishes, it comes armed with antioxidants. Oregano oil is also a good  antimicrobial.

Ginger: Ginger has innumerable health benefits. This includes anti-inflammatory benefits and pain relieving properties. It helps in healing the sore muscles after a vigorous workout. And the most popular use of ginger power is in healing flu, cold and cough.

Generally, hot spicy foods stimulate circulation and increase the body temperature which can be a good thing because it generates sweat. Hot chilli peppers can cause burning sensation and overdose may harm the delicate mucous membrane. For those with gastrointestinal diseases and chronic heartburn, it is advised to avoid hot and spicy food. If you are an arthritis patient, you should avoid capsicum peppers. But if there is no such issue with you, capsicum peppers offer you a significant amount of vitamin C and vitamin A. Capsicum peppers also helps in cure of common cold, cramps, ulcers and lung congestions.

So, spices not only add flavour but also have some great health benefits if you take them in right amount and don't just overload your mouth with the greed of aggrandising the flavour. It is advised to go for the natural and organic spices which are undoubtedly healthy and tasty as well. Spice up you life with the myriad exotic flavours. Click here to find the varieties that JBN has to offer. 


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