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Every time you look in the mirror, a part of you wonders if you look the way you look because of your eating habits. Although it is true that eating a balanced diet makes your body healthy, you also need to know if you’re eating the right dietKeep reading to find out your body type and the perfect diet for you.

Identify your body type

  • Chilli pepper: This body type is characterised by a very thin frame. Your waist is indistinguishable from your shoulder width and you have an overall thin look.
  • Pear: If you have a pear shaped body type, you will flaunt a larger lower body and a smaller upper body. This is one of the most common body types.
  • Apple: The apply body types have a round upper body with a slim lower body. This kind of body type is generally considered dangerous as the mid body fat is the most harmful

Eating the perfect diet

  • A balanced diet consists of fruits, vegetable and pulses. You need to make sure that you are getting enough fibre as well as vitamins and minerals from your diet.
  • Drink lots of water. An adult human being needs around 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day.
  • It is well known that organic food is one of the best sources of nutrients as the food is made from chemical free plants.

What kind of organic foods should I consume?

There are numerous kinds of organic foods available.  Apart from the fruits and vegetables, you have an array of daily cooking items that are organically produced.

  • The oil that you use to cook your food can also be switched to the organic section. This ensures that nutrition is retained in the cooked food.
  • Inclusion of green tea in your everyday routine will boost your metabolism and leave your skin glowing.
  • Even your evening snack can be an organic product. Think of the number of unwanted calories you will be omitting by switching to this healthy alternative.

Making a small change in your daily diet and switching to organic food can do wonders for your body type. A fulfilling, nutritious diet is the most important step to a healthy life. Find out what JoyByNature has in store for you by clicking here!


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