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Sunflower oil is very healthy as it improves your immune system. It has essential vitamins and necessary fatty acids that are must for your body health. Vitamin E, abundant in Sunflower oil works as anti-oxidant and also boosts up immunity. It oxidizes free radicals and prevents them from harming healthy body cells. Sunflower oil strengthens the skin membrane thus making it difficult for bacteria to cause any infection. Thus sunflower is beneficial for your skin. It adds on to instant glow to your skin. Sunflower oil has essential fatty acid content like palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid. Let us not confuse such fats with saturated fats, sunflower does not have any saturated fat content and thus can actually help in reducing the cholesterol level. This means that it reduces the possibility of atherosclerosis which leads to heart attacks.

Benefits of Sunflower oil:

  • Immune system:Sunflower oil has necessary vitamins for boosting up your immune system.  Anti-oxidant enzymes that it has prevent any virus and bacteria from entering your body system. Hence babies are recommended to have sunflower oil as they have weaker immune system and sunflower helps in improving it.
  • Anti-inflammatory results: Sunflower is supposed to be good for people suffering from Asthma or arthritis. The essential fatty acids and vitamin content assign sunflower oil anti-inflammatory qualities.

  • Cosmetic benefits: Sunflower oil is very rich in vitamin E and as already mentioned it works as anti-oxidant and hence neutralizes harmful free radicals. It prevents your skin from harsh sunlight; reduces the ageing effect and rejuvenates you skin cells making your skin glow.
  • Essential fatty acids: Sunflower oil has essential fatty acids like omega 6. Although excess of omega 6 than omega 3 may cause imbalance of fatty acids in your body, some amount of omega 6 is still required for the body functions and good health.
  • Decreased level of heart attacks: As sunflower oil does not contain any saturated fats that decrease the risk of blockages of any heart arteries. Such blockage is the main cause of heart attacks. Sunflower oil also helps maintain proper level of cholesterol in body thus further lowering chances of heart attacks.

  • Taste wise: Taste wise sunflower oil is very bland and hence can be used for daily cooking, as there is no point of liking or disliking it. It has no special taste of itself like olive oil or mustard oil, it can be used in any kind of cooking may that be deep frying or simple steaming. You can always add taste according to your choice of sauces and spices.

Use of sunflower oil and other vegetable oils variedly in cooking can give you a balanced diet and bring you one step closer to the health of yourself and your closed ones. Click here to see what Joy by nature has more in vegetable oils.


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