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Bacteria causing cystitis can travel up via urine to infect a kidney. They usually live in the bowel and thus in turn causes kidney and bladder infection. The kidneys filter the blood and produce urine, the uterus carries the urine from the kidneys to the bladder; and the bladder stores the urine until it is eliminated from the body through the urethra. A kidney infection can occur at any age and is much more common in girls. Now let’s figure out the different ways by which it can be cured.

Keep an Eye on Your Kidney

  • Bladder Infection In an Adult: Cystitis or pyelonephritis can cause discomfort while urinating. Kidney is one of the vital parts of human body. It helps to flush out the waste. Strengthen your kidney including your urinary tract and keep your immune system healthy. 

  • Kidney Stones:This could also be the cause for painful urination. It is generally accompanied by a lower back pain. Flush out the stoneswith our herbal products.

  • Inflammation of the Kidney:Inflammation of the kidney is very common among women. It gives rise to painful urination. Joy By Nature will cater to all your kidney needs and wants.
  • Yeast Infection: This phenomenon is common among women and can be very fatal if not treated. Maintain your vaginal health is very vital. Revitalize the renal functions and take care of your kidney with herbal products rather than harsh chemical based medicines.

  • Drink lots of Water: Drinking 2 litres of water every day is advisable. It helps flush out the harmful toxins out of the body and keeps the bowel clean and thus reduces the chances of painfulurinating. Maintaining vaginal hygiene is also necessary.
  • Avoid eating spicy foods: Spicy foods can irritate the linings of your bladder and cause pelvic cramps and also burden your kidneys as well as your bladder. If you have kidney and urinary problems switching to herbal products is wise. These products contain herbal extracts that are not harsh on the kidney and the urinary tract. Experience an efficient kidney which functions well with the help of herbal products that are free from chemicals.

Be healthy, Stay well

Right choice of kidney and urinary care products are not only important for your kidney well-being but are also a critical for the overall growth of your body and mind.  Our whole new range of herbal products is designed keeping your health and requirements in mind. Try our products and if you find we were able to serve you well, we would love to hear from you. For more details on our products please visit Joy by nature.


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