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Juices and fruit drinks are said to be extremely beneficial to the body as they keep all the nutrients in the food intact, thus providing the body with the necessary nutrition. Here is all you need to know about juices and how they help you.

Juices and benefits:

Listed below are the top four juices that should be a part of every person’s diet. These, when consumed on a regular basis, can increase the quality of your health to a great extent.

  • Karela juice: Karela or bitter gourd though has an unpleasant taste can prove to do wonders to your health. Karela is effective in regulating blood sugar levels and thus reduces the risk of diabetes. Also, it curbs the growth of the leukemia cancer cells as it is loaded with antioxidants. The antioxidants also detoxify the body and blood and hence cleanse the entire body. This detoxification process helps clear up your skin from acne and prevents premature ageing. Consuming this natural and organic juice before meals increases the production of enzymes that ensure in a healthy digestion process.


  • Amla juice: Amla juice is an age old remedy to many diseases. Asthma, tuberculosis and bronchitis can be effectively treated by consuming amla juice. Also, it regulates smooth bowel movement, cures constipation and fights acidity and ulcers. For those who want to shed a few kilos, amla juice helps do so by increasing the protein levels in the body. This in turn degrades unwanted fat. Other health benefits of this wonder juice include enhancing eyesight and controlling cataract formation, fighting inflammation and treating insomnia.

  • Apple juice: This juice is both tasty and healthy and provides the body the right amount of required nutrients. Apples are abundant in antioxidants such flavonoids and polyphenols which prevent cardiovascular diseases and even cancer to some extent. The saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, is indeed true as they can cure a variety of diseases such as asthma, constipation and even improve eye health. Organic apple juice also cleanses the liver and eliminates harmful toxins which can destroy it.

  • Aloe vera juice: This organic juice is not commonly consumed and many people do not know the various health benefits of this drink. Aloe vera is instrumental in aiding weight loss as it regulates metabolism, burns fat and reduces lipid levels in the body. It also contains an anti-histamine called magnesium lactate which cures sinuses and a blocked nose. Carcinogenic tumors vanish and there is boost in the immune system because of this juice.

Thus, your one sure shot solution to all health woes are these fresh and organic juices that guarantee to improve your health and help you live longer and happier.


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