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It is everyone’s dream to have flawless white teeth which makes them very attractive. However, this requires quite a bit of effort and dedication. Here’s how you can get milky white teeth, the easy way.

White teeth in five steps:

  • Choosing the right toothpaste: This is one of the basic and most important steps in working towards white teeth. Good toothpastes should have significant amount of fluorides. This strengthens the bones and also helps whiten it. Apart from this, the toothpaste should be able to reduce sensitivity, eliminate tartar formation and should foam and lather up well.

  • Apple cider vinegar is your best friend: Coffee and nicotine can stain your teeth like none other. Apple cider vinegar rescues your teeth from these stains and makes it milky white. Being a natural teeth whitener, it doesn’t contain any chemicals which may degrade the quality of your teeth. Apple cider vinegar also cleans the gums, fights bad breath and any chronic gum infections that you may have. However, this being a weak acid should be rinsed away with water after use as it can damage or remove your enamel.

  • The oil pulling technique: Oil pulling was the rage a while ago. Essentially, it is a dental technique which is a part of Ayurvedic medicine. It involves gargling about a tablespoon of oil for about 10 minutes or so on an empty stomach. One of the commonly used oils for this process is coconut oil which acts as a natural teeth whitener. This helps eliminate stains and gives your teeth a brighter look. Coconut oil is also antimicrobial in nature and thus protects your gums against gum infections. It also reduces the occurrence of cavities.

  • Turmeric or not: As opposed to popular belief that turmeric actually stains things, making it yellow, turmeric in fact is supposed to whiten your teeth. Though the mechanism behind turmeric whitening teeth is still unknown, it does indeed effectively eliminate stains from the teeth. The properties of turmeric also help in cleansing the gums, thus making it healthy and preventing the risk of gum infections such as gingivitis.

  • Strawberries and whitening: Not many know that strawberries are actually natural teeth whiteners. A paste made of strawberries contains large amounts of Vitamin C which fights plague that is responsible for making your teeth look yellow. Also, strawberries contain an enzyme which behaves as a mild acid called malic acid. This is responsible for removing any surface stains from the teeth.
Therefore, follow these simple five steps to make sure that your teeth look sparkling white and healthy and you get compliments every time you flash a smile!


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